“MY IMPRINT ON THE ENVIRONMENT IN ZDUNSKA WOLA 1941” refers to a fact in quantum physics called decoherence.  The sentence “My imprint on the environment” is attributed  to  Zurek, a physicist at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, I quote:

“We live in a sea of photons, for example, and interact with some small fraction of them. So the environment is in some sense in a constant process of monitoring objects,” Zurek said. see here.

And again, speaking about Hyperion an odd-shaped moon of Saturn:

“Hyperion is not isolated,” Zurek pointed out, “it is making an imprint on the environment all the time. So decoherence applies and keeps the moon out of quantum trouble”, see here .

Now what has this to do with “My imprint in Zdunska Wola”… Well, quantum physics is monitoring our whole world and a fortiori my possible imprint in Zdunska Wola 1941. So if viewed through a Science Fiction prism it would be reasonable to think that my own 2012 imprint on the environment could be entangled with events in Zdunska  Wola when I was eight year old…

What I feel as personally relevant is that in some “Art Video” way I create the above video clip to preserve otherwise lost remembrances.

Musical credit Michael Wells: