Quantum Pop Improvisation

“.Can scientists appreciate beauty? Over 30 years ago, physicist Richard Feynman claimed that a scientist can see more beauty in a flower than an artist. Since then, science and art have combined to bring the meaning of his words to life.”  see here

POPPk588k….a Feynman diagram….(flower..?)


POPPk587l…..a Feynman flower with two men,,,,l

POPPk586s….a Feynman flower with a women…s

My Hidden Weirdness

My definition of the accompanying text (below) is that the text  is a fine art picture. . So I can frame it and hang it in my salon (a picture) and I can read it like the page of a book (a text).

There is nothing special about it in our every day (classical ) world. But when people visit my salon they ask me “from where did you get this picture” and when they take a closer look they discover the text and read…. and suddenly they ask me “what is it a picture or a text on quantum mechanics ?”… and my answer its “both”…….That’s weird….now in an oblique manner the text below is weirder because in the quantum world the word “both” has a precise meaning : wave and particle and all that follow from it… but I  was told that I am a part of the quantum world… So am I weird ?….


Quantum mechanics states that you cannot precisely measure both position and momentum. Just because you can’t measure it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have position and momentum at the same time. The theory seems based on this principle, but why?

Viktor T. Toth
Viktor T. Toth, IT pro, part-time physicist

No, quantum mechanics does not state that you cannot simultaneously measure both position and momentum precisely. It is a consequence of the theory, but it is not what the theory is based on.

Quantum mechanics states that a classical position, classical momentum, or other classical observables do not exist except in the rare cases when the quantum object interacts with something classical (such as an instrument.)

When you look at the mathematics (and you have to look at the mathematics; quantum mechanics cannot be intuited) something amazing emerges. The formal equations of quantum mechanics, such as the Schrödinger equation, can be “derived” easily from classical physics. However, this equation offers many more solutions than its classical counterpart. Quantum mechanics begins when we look at these solutions and accept them as valid descriptions of reality, despite the fact that they seemingly make no intuitive sense, certainly not in the context of classical physics.

Now you may wonder, what on Earth possesses us to go down this rabbit hole? Very simple: physics is based on experiment and observation. And we found that this is how the physical world works.

When we look at this much richer world of quantum solutions, we find that indeed, most of the time that particle does not have a classical position or a classical momentum. Moreover, the math tells us, when it is confined to a classical position by a measurement, its classical momentum does not exist; it remains in a superposition of states.

So when you think of an electron inside a cathode ray tube, going from the cathode to the screen while mysteriously going through two holes at the same time, and ask yourself, “What was the electron’s path?”, unfortunately the only legitimate answer sounds just as mysterious as the little boy telling Neo in the film The Matrix that there is no spoon: There is no (classical) path. It’s not that we cannot measure it. It truly does not exist. And whether we like it or not, that’s the way Nature works. But there is one advantage that we have over a piece of fiction like The Matrix: our outlandish statement is grounded in firm mathematics that leads to testable predictions, through which our outlandish claims can be  (and have been, countless times) verified and validated.


Fallen Angels from some Quantum Measurements

Is there a way to escape from ART ??

We need a new Basel congress to escape from the classical Herzl art to the quantum Herzl “art”..

Faith is a tool for the falling angels…


The new art roots are in my unmeasured environment  but the Jewish visual artist is blind by definition,, change the definitions…




“MY IMPRINT ON THE ENVIRONMENT IN ZDUNSKA WOLA 1941” refers to a fact in quantum physics called decoherence.  The sentence “My imprint on the environment” is attributed  to  Zurek, a physicist at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, I quote:

“We live in a sea of photons, for example, and interact with some small fraction of them. So the environment is in some sense in a constant process of monitoring objects,” Zurek said. see here.

And again, speaking about Hyperion an odd-shaped moon of Saturn:

“Hyperion is not isolated,” Zurek pointed out, “it is making an imprint on the environment all the time. So decoherence applies and keeps the moon out of quantum trouble”, see here .

Now what has this to do with “My imprint in Zdunska Wola”… Well, quantum physics is monitoring our whole world and a fortiori my possible imprint in Zdunska Wola 1941. So if viewed through a Science Fiction prism it would be reasonable to think that my own 2012 imprint on the environment could be entangled with events in Zdunska  Wola when I was eight year old…

What I feel as personally relevant is that in some “Art Video” way I create the above video clip to preserve otherwise lost remembrances.

Musical credit Michael Wells: http://www.myspace.com/micwellssongs

Four Invitations Into the Unknown

Invitation 1 for ” The Environment as a Witness” exhibition.

(in Hebrew “הסביבה כעדות”).

The four different invitations I issued for my coming up exhibition  ” The Environment as a Witness”, borrowed their title  from a preprint on quantum mechanics by the same name, with the secondary title:  “Selective Proliferation of Information and Emergence of Objectivity in a quantum Universe”. see here.

A  perhaps somewhat tricky quotation from  the abstract may convey the  flavor of the article and his resonance on the exhibition:

…”We study the role of the information deposited in the environment of an open quantum system in course of the decoherence process. Redundant spreading of information — the fact that some observables of the system can be independently “read-off” from many distinct fragments of the environment — is investigated as the key to effective objectivity, the essential ingredient of “classical reality”.”…

However, in plain English, the meaning is: how we the common humans, aka this article, agree together to see what seems to us the same objective reality made  from ‘ .. many distinct fragments of the environment “….

As someone whose trade is to making pictures from what he sees, this allover passing agreement on a reality based on an unseen quantum substrate is an intriguing mystery.

So, if I want to marry human mysteries with quantum mysteries in an art gallery,  for the human side of this marriage, a good story is  Night Watch (Russian: Ночной дозор, Nochnoy Dozor) a fantasy novel by Russian writer Sergei Lukyanenko:

…”The story revolves around a confrontation between two opposing supernatural groups (known as “Others”): the Night Watch, an organization dedicated to policing the actions of the Dark Others—and the Day Watch, which polices the actions of the Light Others.”..

Additional story details can draw a speculative parallel between the human  reality and the underlying quantum mysteries:

“In the story’s worldline there exists a magical realm beneath the surface of all things—referred to as the Twilight (or Gloom in other translations). The action in the novel centers on a group of people referred to as the Others—human beings who tapped into the Twilight and gained supernormal abilities. The Others were the humans (shamans, soothsayers, and wisemen) from long ago who figured out how to step into the Twilight. However, the Others are different from humans, they are born as Others. Humans are not able (at least in the first part of the tetralogy) to become Others.” .. see here.

The novel was made into a movie in 2004 by by the Kazakhstan-born film director Timur Bekmambetov, see here.

The movie was my visual source for the human side drawings I made in a pseudo comics style. The ‘performed  marriage’ on the invitation  is best seen in invitation 2 (below) where the left hand side is in pixelike form hinting to the quantum mysteries and the right hand side hint to the human mysteries.

Is it a happy marriage or not ? Where mysteries are involved who knows..


Invitation 2 for ” The Environment as a Witness”.

Invitation 3 for ” The Environment as a Witness”.

Invitation 4 for ” The Environment as a Witness”,


Israel. Tel Aviv. ‘The Kibbutz, Art Gallery’.  The exhibition is through May 14. Curated by Yael Keni. ‘

Mother’s Imprint on the Environment


I remember having read a book by SF author Greg Egan named “Quarantine” where incredible things occur: …

“This mod allows the user to stop being an observer in the sense of quantum mechanics and consequently to “smear”, i.e. to exist in a superposition of different states at the same time and to pick eigenstates of personal preference from the range of possible states, when the personal wave function is collapsed.”….see here.,

This seems a little bit perplexing if meanwhile not feasible, but is actually a good start to no lesser perplexing matters like the following story..

…I always asked myself what is there beyond the things I am witnessing in my everyday life? Or perhaps… am I being witnessed by some dark force, you know those monsters looking at you from the nowhere darkness, for whom I am their everyday life..

Apparently there are such little monsters, they are named photons not looming from the darkness but creating light. They are the true members of the  ‘quantum mechanics’ theory and they look and monitor  me from my birth until my last  breath.

Now what has  this  Film Noir preamble to do with my future exhibition at the Kibbutz Gallery in Tel Aviv?

Well it has. By some metaphorical magic, if  my drawings and prints  are to have a meaning about the emerging  of my mother Gitel into my everyday life and about their emerging before your eyes as visitors in the gallery, then the exhibition “Mother as an Imprint on the Environment” has to point to the underpinning weirdness named decoherence, telling us how such an appearance is made possible with the help of those  little monsters.

To put us in the mood of what these little photon monsters do, I quote from the article  “Decoherence is our ticket out of the quantum world”  published in 1999, see here,  giving the big picture of this emerging in a nutshell :

…” ‘We live in a sea of photons, for example, and interact with some small fraction of them. So the environment is in some sense in a constant process of monitoring objects,’ Zurek said… …’Decoherence provides a menu of allowed states; it’s a selection process that disallows flagrantly quantum states of macroscopic objects,’ Zurek said.”…

W. Zurek one of the most  prominent theoretical physicist is trying to elucidate the weirdness of the  transition from the quantum world to our everyday classical world. He  propose a very captivating view,  where the little quantum monsters  as the mysterious agents of  quantum physics cause our apparent  perception of reality, and  in particular, how and why I perceive my mother Gitel after her ‘transition from the quantum-to-classical world’…a very weird phrase for describing her motherly earthiness..,  for more see here

So if I take his words for granted then my mother, as a macroscopic person (state), cannot be in a quantum state of many possibilities and indeed, without to much surprise, I see her definitely classically as photos and prints in one place and not in a paranoid simultaneous two place position.

….. From here on, with the help of an amnesiac state of mind and  with some extrapolation I imagined and imaged a metaphorical  quantum-to-classical voyage with the benevolent help of the underpinning  decoherence story,  depicting the  transition of my quantum mother to her earthly classical mother form.

So,  the whole thing lives now in about 45  drawings and prints on paper made with inkjet printer, pencils, colors and other accessories..  look at the following pictures as a sample:

To view the full images, please qlick on the pictures,

Mother in a flagrant superposition of  two of her possible states,,, reduced to classical pencils paper ocher…prints states.

…. my young mother beyond my everyday life depicted in a sea of  little photon monsters, presumably in one of her possible quantum states  and being monitored by the yellow head until instantly she decohere into a classical definitive state…… reduced to Rives print paper, inkjet colors, monitor pixels as representing the little photon monsters…

…. And finally mother emerge in my classical everyday classical life….Photos, 110 year old, from my mother in Zdunska Wola in Poland. Sepia color, staged in the light of a real gallery in Tel Aviv.

‘Bon Voyage’…