About my blog:

To tell the truth it all began by mistake. I only wanted to help my daughter  start her own blog.To achieve this noble goal and to learn the trade of IGRAVATAR-shlomoblogging I first started a blog of my own.  But fate is fate. Without paying much attention to the slippery road of my curiosity, I found myself ultimately trapped into my blog like in a spiderweb

So here we are..

As a visual artist I began my blog as an art blog. But after a few months of blogging I found myself drifting in the unexpected direction of writing opinions on news, art news in Israel and the Middle East Arab states. From here, with my love for comics and science fiction, I expand my interest to includes comics related to news events and correlating science fiction books (I read) to the underworld of real life events, presuming speculatively that there is always some secret merging of real life with some unknown science fiction stories.

Basically I am visually oriented so there are many pictures in my articles. Some are my own drawings other from diverse sources showing direct or contextual affinities with the written subject.

I always try to write something that my be of interest long after the initial headline that triggered my curiosity is already buried in the overwhelming news flow submerging us. If I succeed to written in a broader context,  then viewers reading my articles at ulterior dates,  my still find some actual relevance in their content.

The result of such an approach is perhaps more lengthy articles with more links to peripheral subjects that arouse my curiosity. I read somewhere that this is not the  optimal way to write on a blog because most readers have no time to read lengthy articles. But in my case it was a false assumption. The facts are that 220.000 pages  where viewed on my blog in a period of a 1,5 year. Not so bad for a relatively young blog.

BTW, my daughter has now her own poetry blog here (in Hebrew).

About me:

Born in Belgium. Residing in Israel. I have bachelor degrees in economics and math. I was a former kibbuts manager.

I was an Art teacher for graduating high school students, and also gave advanced art courses at the Sea of Galilee (Cineret) regional college.

Today, I am a visual artist.

About citizen journalism and me:

New fashion trends in Gaza by korzac

And finally, for a period from July 3, 2007 to September 1, 2008 I was a participatory member at NowPublic, a crowd powered media, where I wrote about 158 stories see here,  many of them front page stories. It was for me a most  rewarding experience in writing.

This is a picture from my first article I published on NowPublic. The name of the article was “New Fashion Trends In Gaza”.

Click on the picture and go to the article..

6 Replies to “About”

  1. כול הכבוד על בלוג מעניין ,מעוצב יפה, ,מיתרשמת ומעריכה את היצירתיות שלך,ואת קולך האוטנטי, הציורים נוגעים ועושים לי משהו…תודה לך על היצירתיות עופרי


  2. this is a link to that painting you copied when you were 14 i love that painting but it is not Vermeer that painted it its ruysdael jacob


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