Interacting Poem Rap and Zdunska Wola

The Inventing of the Past-Present or Zdunska Wola 1941-2012


Wisława Szymborska,

1-“Jacyś ludzie” or in English “Some people” is a poem by the Polish poet Wisława Szymborska, see here. The poet read her poem in the polish language, see here. See below the English translation:

Some people

Some people flee some other people.
In some country under a sun
and some clouds.

They abandon something close to all they’ve got,
sown fields, some chickens, dogs,
mirrors in which fire now preens.

Their shoulders bear pitchers and bundles.
The emptier they get, the heavier they grow.

What happens quietly: someone’s dropping from exhaustion.

What happens loudly: someone’s bread is ripped away,
Someone tries to shake a limp child back to life.

Always another wrong road ahead of them,
Always another wrong bridge
Across an oddly reddish river.
Around them, some gunshots, now nearer, now farther away,
Above them a phane seems to circle.

Some invisibility would come in handy,
some grayish stoniness,
or, better yet, some nonexistence
for a shorter or a longer while.

Something else will happen, only where and what,
Someone will come at them, only when and who,
in how many shapes, with what intentions.
If he has a choice,
maybe he won’t be the enemy
and will let them live some sort of life.

Translated from Polish by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh (see here.)

2-The music: except from a sound track by the Polish rap group Slon (Elephant) performng in Zdunska Wola in 2011, see here:

The following quotation translated from Facebook, see here.

…”Once again this year there will be Zduńska Wola Poznan representatives hip hop scene.
February 18 at Koncertowni live Elephant and Paluch occur.
The Elephant is one of the most talented rappers in the country, who was known to fans of rap as a team making noise School.
His latest, released in late 2010, the album titled “Demonology” collects very good reviews and the same elephant was named the leading representative of the horrorcore style of Polsce.”…


Hip Hop Rap Polish music group
Hip Hop Rap Polish music group see here.