Libya’s battle against Gaddafi .. and where are you… Judge Goldstone.

After the Tunisian and Egyptian uprising and the overthrow of their respective rulers Ben-Ali and  Mubarak, the Libyan uprising leaves us in the reign of a twilight of incertitude about the Middle East next social convulsion to be delivered by facebook, and Twitter.

So, what did we actually not know, to be so shamefully ignorant about what is going on under our nose.

Well to say something intelligent, they, the commentators, TV, newspapers etc., gave our ignorance  a name: a sudden social Big Bang, ex nihilo, with a domino effect. No we are reassured, we have a new anchor to stabilize our drifting ignorance. We are able to made a judicious choice about the next falling domino.. Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, ..who knows?

In fact. From human historical consideration:  did anyone  predict the fall of the Berlin wall and the disintegration of Stalin’s Russia? Or from natural causes: did anyone ever predict the exact hour of an earthquake or a tsunami?

Now this last  sort of ignorance can be called legitimate ignorance. Our predictive powers are modest in contrast to the innumerable factors  governing mother nature probabilistic evolving.

From the movie “The  Battleship Potemkin

But as to our  social ignorance? The Libyan uprising is a good example pointing to the European ‘trade-in market’ with his privileged tendency to buy ignorance about Libya in cash money together with the crude oil (see here on “Business Pundit”) . This sort of ignorance is far from being legitimate: it is shameful and deliberate.

It has to do with human rights, oppression, big money. To ignore deliberately  what the Gaddafi regime did and is doing now at this very moment by killing his own people, (see  Hisham Matar) trying so to save by any means his evil  and cruel regime, is putting the enlightened world on the same foot as Gaddafi himself.

It would now be bon ton to ask : “Where are you Judge Goldstone” , you the defender of the human rights . There is much work at stake.. in Libya, (see here “Is Arab violence permitted?“).