A Megacity Outside the News

When witnessing the insurrection and social convulsions of a megacity like Cairo, under the double  assault of his own inhabitants and a tsunami  of news from all major TV channels in the world, reporting  the overthrow of the regime of former Egyptian president Mubarak, -then we may wondering: is there on earth or anywhere else an Utopian city or megacity living and breathing outside the range of the news…something like the well know Matisse painting “Luxe, Calme, et Volupté,” (1904-05) see here.

…A moment without news. A megacity frozen into a snapshot :

The mega “..city at the end of time..”

Halt..Wait…..Boulding a city with spacetime foam.

Be in the mood

The paranoid belly dancer

The paranoid Megacity.

The funeral day..

One of the possible inhabitants of the megacity..  at the end of time leaving for good the human history.