A Megacity Outside the News

When witnessing the insurrection and social convulsions of a megacity like Cairo, under the double  assault of his own inhabitants and a tsunami  of news from all major TV channels in the world, reporting  the overthrow of the regime of former Egyptian president Mubarak, -then we may wondering: is there on earth or anywhere else an Utopian city or megacity living and breathing outside the range of the news…something like the well know Matisse painting “Luxe, Calme, et Volupté,” (1904-05) see here.

…A moment without news. A megacity frozen into a snapshot :

The mega “..city at the end of time..”

Halt..Wait…..Boulding a city with spacetime foam.

Be in the mood

The paranoid belly dancer

The paranoid Megacity.

The funeral day..

One of the possible inhabitants of the megacity..  at the end of time leaving for good the human history.


Twitter or Tumblr


Do I really need  twitter?

After a short experience with the renowned social network my conclusion is: no I don’t need  Twitter at all. For me it is an absolute waste of time. Then why didn’t I delete my account? Well I have no conclusive answer in  my defence. So not being able to find my own answer I asked the omnipotent Google “Why Do I Need Twitter”?  The  Mountain View California cyberspace oracle response was perhaps more conclusive, but in is own particular way.

Do Facebook users need Twitter? 

The Savvy Boomer: Do boomers need to Twitter? And so on, see here.

In one of  the  entries I found ,,”Having joined Facebook years ago at the urging of my students, I am now wondering whether I need to take the “next step” and use Twitter. Personally, I sometimes wonder why I even care what I’m doing at the moment, much less whether the entire world cares. So, is Twitter just a “voluntary” Big Brother or does it have real value?”.. see here

Well Google surely has some specific answer to my personal question, but investigating 140 million entries to find an answer, if there is one, is a tedious affair.

Anyway I decided to ask Tweeter himself  why should I need him . Interestingly enough many tweeters ask the same question and I  suspect that Tweeter in an indirect way is asking himself  “To Tweet or nor to Tweet?”.  A few “answers” from the above query illustrate the new twittering Hamlet dilemma:

“I wonder why we need twitter when FB can do exactly the same thing, does it better and has more features. Oh well.” 

“.. guess I need to use this more, but most of my “free” time is on facebook. why do people like twitter more?”

..”.. what the hell is this twitter thing for? why do we need to tell the world what we are doing? why do I have to know what others are doing?” 

Now there are people who not only ask “to twitter or not to twitter”, they positively state, like Andrew Michael Baron that “Twitter is Dead, Weep”:
..”I am SO sorry for writing this, I L-O-V-E Twitter. Love it! I’m just so sorry to say, Tumblr replaces it. It’s that simple. Tumblr is to the iPhone what Twitter is to the pager. “..see more.
Well I was a bit surprised that  “The twitter is dead long live the Tumblr”. And so, thinking about my wasted  time on twitter at a rate 0f 140 words per post, I found Tumblr where I can waste my time more efficiently . Not being imprisoned in a straitjacket of 140 characters, the obvious advantages (for me) are that Tumblr is a scrapblog, some sort of storyboard where my  quotation, photos, text,links, chats and video can be amalgamated as beads on a thread.
Anyway, I am always wasting time on something. In fact it is a bare entropic necessity and Tmblr is becoming “my time wasting recycle machine”..
(BTW, afterall, when I am posting to my  blog  ImprintOnreality on Tumblr, automatically it is reposted on twitter.. nice..)
Electronic waste
Electronic waste
Source here.