Talent is not a Panacea against Stupidity, see former Dior’s John Galliano

From a  seemingly  remote event, located  in the fashion world, without apparent bloodshed and no crude oil, we get another reminder about good old Europe, reminder  created by John Galliano, Dior’s well know  fashion genius .

In a virulent antisemitic tirade, he says “I love Hitler” see the video below.


.See below another video..

..He could have said  “The Truth in Hate: I hate Hitler”. But no, he is a fashion genius…working for Dior. He has the right to be stupid. For him it is of good  fashion to be antisemitic. Perhaps this is his  “Truth in Fashion”..(paraphrased on Derrida’s book ‘The Truth in Painting’).

But for the Dior perfume and clothing  empire it was bad and suicidal to employ an antisemitic design genius . The name of the game was to maintain her immaculate reputation, so came the immediate retaliation, the sacking of John Galliano, aiming to ‘kill’ at once the erupting scandal.

But how far away from today’s Galliano’s love of Hitler – the bloodshed and cruelties embodied in the Nazi’s  genocides, are only apparently veiled  by the years, I quote this comment from ‘the London Evening Standard’:

“I am in my eighties and served and with the American 8th Army Air force in England from 1943 to 1946. What John Galliano had to say about his “Love for Hitler” is not a Jewish issue but rather an English issue. Is their no one left in England that remembers the V-2 rocket bombing of London. The destruction of Coventry by Hitler’s bombers. The tens of thousands of civilians killed in these raids. What Galliano had to say was a slap in the face of all the Englishmen and women that died fighting Hitler.
– Larry, Florida, USA, 02/03/2011 08:26 For more see here on ‘the London Evening Standard’  “.

So is there any moral in Galliano’s antisemitic fashion catwalk?

Well, I don’t think so.  People will continue to buy Dior fashion. Galliano’s talent  of love for Hitler has surely many friends awaiting a ‘New Fashion’ wave leader.

The story is that  talent is not a panacea against stupidity. After Galliano disarmed himself of his creative assets not much remained.