Visual Lies in Tibet the Gaza Strip and Salvador Dali

Fake photos are the holy grail for reshaping the world. If we use them in their naive ordinary context we are inclined to think that they represent real events. But today it is harder to believe that a photo is an authentic document reporting an event witnessed by an impartial photographer. A photo has lost his property of evidence, because in some political situations it represent a visual lie and ironically needs evidence to ‘prove his evidence’.The following excerpt is a good example.

..”Evidence is accumulating that the Chinese regime orchestrated violence in Lhasa in orderChinese policeman in disguise holding a knife to discredit the peaceful protests of Buddhist monks.

According to the Dalai Lama’s Chinese translator, Ngawang Nyendra, a witness reported that a Chinese policeman in Lhasa disguised himself as a Tibetan and joined the protesters holding a knife in his hand. This witness also recognized the man from BBC news footage and news photos provided by China.

A Chinese woman from Thailand (who prefers that her name not be used) was studying in Lhasa when the protests broke out in March. As one of her friends is a policeman, she visited him at the local police station quite often and got to know other policemen there.

(Photo: The upper portion shows the uncropped photo distributed to news media by the Chinese Embassy, with a Chinese policeman in disguise holding a knife;
The lower portion, the edited version of the same scene distributed by the Chinese Embassy after the man’s identity was revealed at a rally in Darmasala
/ from the Epochtimes website).   Source:

After the protests on March 14, she and other foreigners were sent to the police station where she saw a man with a knife in his hand walking in with some arrested Tibetans. The man later took off the Tibetan-style clothes and put on a police uniform.cropped copy of the photo released by the Chinese Embassy purporting to show a Tibetan with a knife taking part in a riot.

This woman was sent out of Lhasa with other foreigners the next day. When she arrived in India via Nepal, she recognized the policeman she had seen in Tibetan garb from BBC TV news and photos that the Chinese embassy had provided to the media.

Ngawang Nyendra said the witness was shocked when she saw the policeman in the BBC broadcast. She realized then that the man had disguised himself as a Tibetan in order to incite people to riot.

(photo: Cropped copy of the Chinese policeman that was released by the Chinese Embassy purporting to show a Tibetan with a knife taking part in a riot/ from the Epochtimes website)”…   Source:

Here is another story from the Gaza Strip, this time the photos are not photoshop-doctored but staged in a visual lie: “Darkness at Noon — MSM (“mainstream media”) Plays Along with Hamas Photo Staging .”

 Palestinian lawmakers attend a parliament session in candlelight during a power cut in Gaza January 22, 2008. Israel agreed to allow some fuel, medicine and food into the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Tuesday, at least temporarily easing a blockade that has plunged much of the territory into darkness and sparked international protests. REUTERSMohammed Salem (GAZA)

 I quote, ..”The Jerusalem Post caught another fauxtography scam out of the mideast this week. It appears that Hamas legislators have staged fake power outages to illustrate how oppressed they are for the benefit of journalists. The Journalists were treated to a photo op of the Hamas legislators sitting in their halls of power surrounded by burning candles in rooms with curtains drawn. The scene was set to show how they have had their power cut by the eeeevil Jews. Only problem is, midday sunlight can clearly be seen against the curtains. So, the candles were unnecessary. All they had to do was open the curtains and they would be able to see just fine. Obviously Reuters (and others) allowed Hamas to manipulate the facts. But that didn’t seem to bother any of these so-called journalists who were quite happy to go along, see more.
Now look at the well know Salvadore Dali’s photoportrait as the Mona Lisa..
S. Dali as the Mona Lisa
Is Salvador Dali a liar?

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  1. I have recieved fake photos against Jews from muslims more than once. A couple showed Arabs in uniforms with their heads turned so that their ethnicity couldn’t be exposed. One showed an unconcerned gransmother and grand child with an alleged “soldier” pointing a gun, with a caption saying, “Israelis handing out candy to children”. The child and his grandmother weren’t even looking at him or his gun, but carrying on with unconcerned business. And the gun wasn’t pointed at them. Another showed a Palestinian in a uniform who looked like the fraternal twin of the Palestinian lady he was loosely grasping the sides of. It said, “AN Israeli helping a woman to cross the street”. She wasn’t looking over at the nearby photographer for help, but merely momentarily posing for the camera. Her relaxed, unconcerned natural look was unnatural for a woman alleged to be harassed with a third party to look over at for help.

    Then there was a picture of a plastic doll in a crib, said to be a baby Israelis killed. Those that make those fake photos, meanwhile, commit unphotgraphed attrocities.


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