The Goldstone Encounter with the Hamas Terrorism and Israel’s Defence War

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Justice Richard Goldstone.

A few days ago Sky News reported a couple of news mentioning the name Goldstone. The first was about an outbreak of the e-coli disease in the Goldstone pet farm ( Surrey, UK),  and the second was the Goldstone commission report about the Cast Lead war between Israel and the Hamas. . I was almost temped to say:  perhaps another sort of disease, breed in the Universal Human Rights laboratories specifically targeting Israel.

Well, no, the report is not a disease. Ex judge Richard Goldstone is an honorable men. His credentials as a Zionist and Israel lover are beyond doubts. He is a first rate jurist with overwhelming experience in war crimes jurisdiction.

So this Zionist Israel lover is the men accusing Israel of war crimes, putting her in the same league as the Nazi criminals in the Nirenberg Trials. He is not drawing a demarcation lines between the premeditated Wannsee plan of exterminating the Jews and in fact exterminating 6 million of them, and between Israel’s self defence war, causing 1300 war casualties mostly Hamas men.

Let me  remind to myself: the Cast Lead war was  only the final result of a 7 year shelling  of more than 8000 qassam rockets  targeting  half a million of civilians living in south Israel by the Hamas ,

So where is the catch? what is going wrong?

Well to say it frankly. Nothing is going wrong, there is no catch at all. Ex judge Goldstone report is viewing and judging the today terrorist warfare  trough the codex of WW2 war crimes .

He has taken a snapshot named the “Cast Lead” war, a war whose causes are fossilized deep into the report as not fitting directly in the overall  schema of what he sees as war crimes . Israel’s attempt to stop the rocket launching on his southern civilian population is, in his view, well fitting in his scheme of war crimes:

…”Israel is currently fighting under, and being judged by, the laws of World War II, which are suitable for conventional wars between two or more armies in open fields, where it is easier to define proportionality.

But what do you do when terrorists hide under homes, or when they don’t wear uniforms? What do you do when the enemy high command runs its operations from under a hospital located in a crowded neighborhood, as Hamas did during Cast Lead, using the basement of Shifa Hospital as a command and control center? It is clear that the existing laws of war are incompatible with the current and evolving nature of war”…, see here.

This is a situation of incompatibilities where hypothetical soldiers will be forced to ask in the middle of battle who is a civilian and who is a terrorist and meanwhile be killed and perhaps loosing a self defense war..

Ex judge Goldstone’s report does not provide much help to solve such incompatibilities or ‘minor’ problems. But on the other hand his report is a panacea for the terrorist who can now rely on his WW2 codex jurisdiction to continue without fear, from within any civilian population, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq or any other country or European capital, and perpetuate any crimes, and if civilians may be killed in the attempt of the local forces to stop them, the blame of war crimes will fall on the defenders.

What conclusions, if any, can be drawn from the encounter of ex judge Goldstone, Hamas terrorism and Israel defending her citizens. In the short run all are shouting in one great cacophony. Right wing speakers blame the world for his hypocrisy. See Obama in Afghanistan, Putin in Tchetchenia… etc. Leftists and fringe speakers accuse Israel for all the vicissitudes of the world, see the  boycotters from the UK, Toronto …etc.

But in the long run, and in our days the long run is relatively short, each of the belligerent parties will readjust himself to the new Goldstone conditions or fight them , fine tuning his intelligence capacities and improving his high-tech weaponry. The smarter will do the hack better. But if the Jihadist mentality  against Israel will prevail, then de facto, nothing will radically change for both sides. Israel and the Hamas will continue their clashes.

This is the world today, a ‘Rashomon‘ movie, telling a 21 century story staged in the high-tech third millennium under the auspice of the Goldstone report as a metaphor.

RashomonPosterBild (2)

‘Brave’ Hamas Gaza and Hamas Damascus Leaders, Suicidal Fantasy and Reality

It is almost on the verge of the ridicule, to observe, how the interweaving of suicidal fantasy and reality, governing Mahmoud al-Zahar and Ismail Haniyeh from their hideout in Gaza, and Khaled Mashaal hidden in the womb of his Damascian sponsor, obscure their  judgement as leaders responsible for the Palestinian people.

Look how together, they forge, with the underground aid of the fundamentalist Iran, a sadomasochist political machinery of dead and shahidism for the Gaza civil population, by instigating the Hamas Jihadist’s fanatic aggression on Israel by shooting thousands of rockets on almost one million of Israelis, leading to operation Cast Lead, the legitimate act of Israeli self defence against Iran and his proxy the Hamas.

So, here are a  few words and pictures, illustrating this sort of schizophreny, said by the ‘brave’ Mahmoud al-Zahar and the’brave’ Khaled Mashaal, describing their inevitable  ” … March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam” (by Barbara  Tuchman)., and by paraphrasing the books title, as “The March of Folly: From Troy to Gaza”..
 Look at Hamas’s Mahmoud al-Zahar in his gloomy bunker in Gaza..perhaps situated in the underground of Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, shielding himself  with the live bodies of the upper floor patients..,

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar

…”in a rare appearance  on Al-Aqsa TV, in a picture of low technical quality. Reading a prepared statement, he claimed that the “rockets of the ‘resistance’ we manufacture defeated the theory of Israel security” (Al-Aqsa TV, January 5, 2009 ),” see  here,… wich are words of pure fantasy, if taking into consideration the latest news: “Report: Hamas agrees to ceasefire in Gaza” 1.14.09, 17:47  see here.

 Meanwhile Hamas Damascus leader  Khaled Mashaal, well protected in the Syrian womb, is eager to win (??) the Cast Lead war until the dead of the last Gaza strip resident. Indeed .. a noble goal..

 I quote,..”We will not accept a permanent truce, because it will take the right of resistance from the Palestinian people. The resistance is against occupation and military campaigns and therefore as long as occupation exists, resistance will too…


 We will also not accept the interference of international forces because international forces will come only to protect Israel’s security and any international force imposed will be considered as occupiers, and so on.”..Barbaric shahidist political fantasy at his best, lacking any responsibility for his Palestinian people by not preparing him for an inevitable war..  For more see here.

 On the other hand look at this statement by Abdul Rahman, adviser to the Palestinian president and official spokesman of the Fatah movement, I quote..”“Mash’al was speaking as if the Hamas tanks are surrounding Tel Aviv,” Abd Ar-Rahman said. He accused the Damascus head of Hamas of being out of touch, saying his response was as if ‘he had never been there [Gaza]…so he can’t recognize the death of so many and the destruction of buildings and homes.’

Abd Ar-Rahman said Mash’al’s refusal to negotiate will make the situation in Gaza worse, and make the idea of a Palestinian state seem ‘farfetched…”I wish there were leaders in Hamas to think logically, with a clear and responsible vision,’ unlike Mash’al, Abd Ar-Rahman said.” see here.  This is indeed real politic.

And yesterday, ( 21:15 12/01/2009), here are the ‘brave’ words of Ismail Haniyeh Hamas leader, not quite in accordance with those from Damascus leader  Khaled Mashaal, I quote  “We have confidence in Allah because He’s on our side. We are nearing victory over the Zionist war machine. After 17 days of fighting, I can say that the Gazaand Strip faith will prevail. With Allah’s help, the Palestinian people will prevail over the infidels.”  see here, ..This is Islamic black fantasy going back into time, to resuscitate the holy war against the infidel Christians crusaders…and in our case against the Israelis. He too, miscalculating the Israeli response, did nothing to protect his own fellow people against the consequences of his suicidal fantasies.


Qlick on picture to play

Ismail Haniyeh

 But , from his Gaza hideout, he also says …”Islamist group will back any initiative that will result in ‘enemy’s withdrawal’, but adds Palestinians will ‘continue to fight occupying forces until victory achieved with Allah’s help’ “…see here,   01.12.09, 21:05. A mix of fantasy and reality wich is better than the Hamas Damascus empty shahidist directives. Anyway you look tired Mr. Haniyeh, I understand that… 

And more. Please,  read what Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak says to the Hamas leaders  …”According to the sources, Cairo warned Hamas that should it refuse to accept the proposal the IDF would continue to expand its operation in Gaza, which in effect would mean an end to Hamas’ rule over the coastal enclave it took over in June 2007.”….see here ,( 01.13.09) or in plain English “Sign truce or lose Gaza”. This is the real bare reality.

So where are we?

I quote the NYT (January 14, 2009) .. “The short-term cease-fire would, if successful, be followed by a negotiated yearlong truce, something that Egypt says Hamas favors if it includes an opening of commercial traffic into Gaza. But splits in Hamas exist between its leaders based in Syria and those in Gaza. The Gazans are more open to a weeklong break, while the leaders in Syria want something from Israel in return for holding fire.” see here.

Well, nothing new between Hamas Gaza and Hamas Damascus, to the detriment of the Gazaan people.

Porno, Bombs, Internet and Belly Dance

How to live under the new Hamas directives..
“Belly-dancing is naked women. This is not Islamic,” says the new Palestinian culture minister, Attallah Abu al-Sibbah, an Islamic scholar who has joined the Hamas government which was installed last week, (2006). ” …
….”But there’s no doubt that Hamas wants to impose its narrow vision of moral purity on the Palestinians, who until recently enjoyed one of the most secular cultures in the Middle East. The ban on belly- dancing reveals Hamas’s intense suspicion, which it shares with all Islamist organisations, of pleasure and female sexuality’ it’s no accident, after all, that belly-dancing has been taken up with such gusto by feminists, myself included, who love its celebration of the natural female body.”.
This was written on April 7, 2006.”… See here for the full article “Hamas, and the sexual power of real women”
Today (2008), Under the excuse of the porno ban (see here ), remebering the above statement about belly dancing, Hamas is continuing monitoring  the internet in the Gaza Strip,  hearing seeing and reading any flow of news into his Internet jurisdiction area.


 I quote from Menassat:
..”Palestinian journalists in the Strip are up in arms about the whole affair as the filtering has slowed and even halted Internet traffic entirely during busy news days.
 ‘What Hamas wants from monitoring the Internet is  to control its impact on public opinion,’ Alyan said.”….
  The director of Reuters’ Gaza office, Nidal Al Mughrabi, told MENASSAT, ‘The decision has had a huge impact on our work, since we are an international agency known for our up-to-date news coverage, and we are in competition with other international agencies.’ “.. 
…”Saleh Al Masri, a journalist and editor at the Palestine Today website, told MENASSAT, “We are not against regulating the Internet, but we were highly affected in terms of download speed. Our readership too dropped by more than half.” …
Gaza-based writer Abdullah Alyan said, ‘Pornography is only an excuse for the filtering, the other reasons are monitoring people’s use of the Internet, especially news sites and forums, to curtail the widespread online campaign against the Hamas’ government and the behavior of its members in Gaza.’ “see here.
Hamas’s monitoring Gaza’s strip Internet does not affect other to monitoring the Hamas sites.
Two websites operated by Hezbollah and Hamas were being hosted by a Canadian internet service provider even though the militant groups are barred from operating in the country, CBC News has learned.
Halevi wrote a letter of complaint to iWeb, the Montreal internet company that owns computer servers that play host to the websites.The company replied the websites were inoffensive and just “an informational portal such as”Halevi said he was shocked by the response.”That was amazing because there is a big difference between CBC and the Hamas, al-Aqsa TV website. The messages are totally different.”
CBC News translated some of the Arabic section of the Hamas website, a discussion forum.One post included a list of instructions on how to conceal a bomb in a crowded market. Another posting explained how to make a roadside bomb look like a rock.The site is also full of anti-Israeli rhetoric, and pages that glorify those who died in suicide attacks as martyrs, see here.

So  Hamas is banning any ‘import’ of so called porn and belly dancing but is exporting bomb making and shahid education for future explosing martyrs.

And a last remark by Palestinian culture minister Attallah Abu al-Sibbah (2006) wich may be actual today…”The Egyptians come here and do it [belly dancing]. And there are a lot of Russian belly dancers in Egypt and they come here too. People do it indoors, in secret. There’s lots of it. If the phenomenon of belly dancing spreads our people might react against it by killing people. We don’t want our people to become like the Taliban.”..see here.

A surprising belly dancer is Haifa Whebe .

haifa wehbe and ragheb alama
haifa wehbe and ragheb alama
Haifa Wehbe Belly Dances for Ragheb Alama  see here.

And what after the Gaza Truce?

Until yesterday, it seems that before truce will begin, Hamas tries to show that he will have the last word. Yesterday morning IDF prevented a terror attack by the Army of Islam (an al Qaeda affiliate). In the evening ( 06.17.08, 21:25), 7 qassams where fired on Sderot, see here.

And today..:.”Despite the formal announcements from Jerusalem, Gaza and Cairo announcing the ceasefire agreement will go into effect at 6:00 am on Thursday, it was the routine of incessant attacks Israel’s South awoke to on Wednesday.

With less than 24 hours to go, Palestinian terror groups opened fire at Israelis on the border and launched Qassam rockets towards the western Negev”…, see here,

I, as most people in Israel, consider the proposed 6 months truce as an interlude serving the specific interest of both sides, and afterward, if the truce will last, the Hamas will find his way to embark on a new round of belligerence.

The Israeli press confirm, from his own sources, what most of us think:

..”Less than 24 hours before going into effect, officials say truce expected to be ‘short-lived and fragile.’ Olmert’s office says issue of Gilad Shalit part of understandings. ‘We want to make the most of any opportunity to bring peace and quiet to residents of the South, but no one here is cracking open the champagne and declaring Hamas has beaten its swords into plowshares, see here.

And Gaza Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar confirm it with his own words:

..”Speaking after another Hamas official outlined details of the truce at a news conference in Gaza City, Zahar said Hamas would not put down its weapons, because he did not believe Israel would implement the cease-fire. “We don’t trust them, but let’s see,” he said, see here.

A major cause of the Israeli disbelief derive from terrorist fractions as the al-Qiadia affiliate receiving directives from outside The Gaza Strip.

..”Despite the imminent truce, security officials said there was concern that other Palestinian terror factions such as Islamic Jihad or the Army of Islam would try to sabotage the deal by perpetrating a major attack that would force Israel to respond.” see here.

The feeling that the truce is only is only a preparatory act in the future great drama is best expressed by Vice Premier Ramon:

“I oppose the lull, because it’s another victory for radical Islam,” Ramon said. “It won in Lebanon and now it will be winning in Gaza. So why be moderate? After all, why is Hamas seeking an agreement? Because this will be its chance to represent Gaza as Hamastan state.”, see here.

Well what can be anticipated? Al the local actors take their respective place on the stage. Hamas exploit the truce for consolidating his rockets armament to threaten the whole Negev. Hezbollah restoring his grip on south Lebanon under the nose of the UN forces, and rearmed with a formidable arsenal of rockets to threaten north Israel. Syria in peace talks standby. Nuclear Iran, their acknowledged sponsor, funding and arming them, with in her sleeve the belligerent Ahmadinejad.

And Israel, I quote ..”We are giving a chance to the cease-fire, but we are preparing for action,” IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said during a meeting of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.” see here.

Hamas ‘Freeing’ Gaza from Porn Sites

Is it not an impossible request to ban pornography, sex and voyeurism by simply issuing a ban? Even in Gaza ruled by the Hamas,not every one will welcome the ban. A part of Gaza’s population is basically similar to the West Bank population. A town like Ramallah, more open to the world, can be considered by many Gazans as an example of how a better life is possible, and among other things, a free internet is maintained and available. Will bans, of any sort, not induce ‘hackers’ to bypass them? Only if the Hamas will threatened surfers with unsupportable penalties have they a chance to succeed. But for the more ‘Western’ inclined Gazans, perhaps ’emigrating’ to the Western not an impossible solution, reminding me of “The escape from LA” movie, starring Kurt Russel.
Here is the ban news:
…” ‘Islamist group Hamas has told the main Palestinian telecoms company to block access to pornographic Internet sites in the Gaza Strip, a Hamas government official said on Monday.”….The aim of the move is to protect the Palestinian community from cultural pollution and to protect the young generations from the misuse of the Internet through viewing pornographic sites,’ Hamas government spokesman Taher al-Nono said…’An Internet provider in the Gaza Strip, which Hamas seized in June after routing President Mahmoud Abbas’s secular Fatah forces, estimated that about 400,000 Gazans surf the Web and said almost half of them were aged 18-35.’…’Attacks against video stores and Internet cafes have increased over the past two years. Some of the attacks had been claimed by radical Muslim groups who say such places run contrary to Islamic values.’ “…see more.
It turns out that issuing a ban in Gaza has no influence on the Israeli internet providers.
Israeli owners of sex sites report, I quote..” The Israeli-Palestinian conflict apparently does not disturb and even encourages Arab internet users from consuming kosher Hebrew porn. Operators of a number of porn sites report that between two and 10% of their users arrive from Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority. Some websites even go as far as offering services in Arabic.”….” The most popular video clip among Arabs, ‘Code name: Deep investigation,’ is described as ‘a parody dealing with the Vanunu affair with agents investigating the affair using erotic means’. “…” Nothing seems to stop the porn-consuming Saudi, not even technical difficulties: ‘In many places Israel is blocked, at times the entire suffix ‘’ is blocked. Users connect through proxy servers and reach us that way,’ he said”…see here the full article.
So Gazans know how to satisfy themselves not only with the Sex, lies and videotapemovie. Maintaining myself a blog, (not porno or any related subject), I see every day entries from the Gaza strip and the West Bank on my blog.
Now if the Hamas ban will succeed, what shall be with the fate of private porno sex and future sex extortions in Gaza? From a “Jerusalem Post” article “Fatah-Hamas mired in tawdry accusations”, Hamas and Fatah are accusing each other of sex scandals homosexual relations, sex orgies etc.
Here are a few quotes,..”The alleged “sex scandals” are said to have occurred in the Gaza Strip, which fell into Hamas’s hands in June.”…” Some of them had individual sex, while others preferred group sex. Some of them paid money for sex, while others performed sexual intercourse with males in front of their wives.”….” The sex allegedly took place in hotels, clinics and private homes – in some cases with a picture of Yasser Arafat hanging overhead.”..
And here a few Fatah accusations against the Hamas sex scandalls, I quote ..”According to Fatah, a Hamas imam was recently caught having sex with a male minor in a mosque basement. In another incident, according to Fatah, a senior member of Hamas’s armed wing, Izaddin Kassam, was expelled from his refugee camp after he was caught having sex with a male colleague in a vehicle. And according to a report on a Fatah-controlled Web site, a Hamas man was caught naked together with his neighbor’s wife in her bedroom”…see here for the full article.
Now, as always, a ban, even in Gaza, has his pros and cons. Each reader can decide for himself what are his preferences.

Visual Lies in Tibet the Gaza Strip and Salvador Dali

Fake photos are the holy grail for reshaping the world. If we use them in their naive ordinary context we are inclined to think that they represent real events. But today it is harder to believe that a photo is an authentic document reporting an event witnessed by an impartial photographer. A photo has lost his property of evidence, because in some political situations it represent a visual lie and ironically needs evidence to ‘prove his evidence’.The following excerpt is a good example.

..”Evidence is accumulating that the Chinese regime orchestrated violence in Lhasa in orderChinese policeman in disguise holding a knife to discredit the peaceful protests of Buddhist monks.

According to the Dalai Lama’s Chinese translator, Ngawang Nyendra, a witness reported that a Chinese policeman in Lhasa disguised himself as a Tibetan and joined the protesters holding a knife in his hand. This witness also recognized the man from BBC news footage and news photos provided by China.

A Chinese woman from Thailand (who prefers that her name not be used) was studying in Lhasa when the protests broke out in March. As one of her friends is a policeman, she visited him at the local police station quite often and got to know other policemen there.

(Photo: The upper portion shows the uncropped photo distributed to news media by the Chinese Embassy, with a Chinese policeman in disguise holding a knife;
The lower portion, the edited version of the same scene distributed by the Chinese Embassy after the man’s identity was revealed at a rally in Darmasala
/ from the Epochtimes website).   Source:

After the protests on March 14, she and other foreigners were sent to the police station where she saw a man with a knife in his hand walking in with some arrested Tibetans. The man later took off the Tibetan-style clothes and put on a police uniform.cropped copy of the photo released by the Chinese Embassy purporting to show a Tibetan with a knife taking part in a riot.

This woman was sent out of Lhasa with other foreigners the next day. When she arrived in India via Nepal, she recognized the policeman she had seen in Tibetan garb from BBC TV news and photos that the Chinese embassy had provided to the media.

Ngawang Nyendra said the witness was shocked when she saw the policeman in the BBC broadcast. She realized then that the man had disguised himself as a Tibetan in order to incite people to riot.

(photo: Cropped copy of the Chinese policeman that was released by the Chinese Embassy purporting to show a Tibetan with a knife taking part in a riot/ from the Epochtimes website)”…   Source:

Here is another story from the Gaza Strip, this time the photos are not photoshop-doctored but staged in a visual lie: “Darkness at Noon — MSM (“mainstream media”) Plays Along with Hamas Photo Staging .”

 Palestinian lawmakers attend a parliament session in candlelight during a power cut in Gaza January 22, 2008. Israel agreed to allow some fuel, medicine and food into the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Tuesday, at least temporarily easing a blockade that has plunged much of the territory into darkness and sparked international protests. REUTERSMohammed Salem (GAZA)

 I quote, ..”The Jerusalem Post caught another fauxtography scam out of the mideast this week. It appears that Hamas legislators have staged fake power outages to illustrate how oppressed they are for the benefit of journalists. The Journalists were treated to a photo op of the Hamas legislators sitting in their halls of power surrounded by burning candles in rooms with curtains drawn. The scene was set to show how they have had their power cut by the eeeevil Jews. Only problem is, midday sunlight can clearly be seen against the curtains. So, the candles were unnecessary. All they had to do was open the curtains and they would be able to see just fine. Obviously Reuters (and others) allowed Hamas to manipulate the facts. But that didn’t seem to bother any of these so-called journalists who were quite happy to go along, see more.
Now look at the well know Salvadore Dali’s photoportrait as the Mona Lisa..
S. Dali as the Mona Lisa
Is Salvador Dali a liar?

Bad decoherencing fashion trends in Gaza


Fashion-Kant                                                                Fashion-von Neumann  







Based on photos from WW1 wounded soldiers.