Fine art is the V.R of invisible matter


“What aspects of this collaboration, involving both Thompson and Reynolds, are complicit in the same ideology and methodology of representation that perpetuates this distance between the photographic, its technological apparatus and its subject matter?”  see here

….I see my blindness….

“I tried to show them how we develop an intuition for quantum mechanics by applying the principles and getting used to the way it functions,” Alvarez-Gaume says. “Because  honestly, I cannot explain quantum mechanics even to a scientist.” SEE HERE

.“Particle physics is the most challenging subject we’ve ever worked with because it’s so difficult to create a tangible idea about it, and that’s kind of what we are all about,”


“We are increasingly relying on machines that derive conclusions from models that they themselves have created, models that are often beyond human comprehension, models that “think” about the world differently than we do.” see here