….being human in a perhaps “non existing” classical world…

‘I am a visual artist and  from time to time I ask myself is picture drawing painting etc nothing more than modelling a fake reality…. as many physicist argue ….


The thinking of Ridley Scott:

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, released in 1982, was a towering landmark of cyberpunk cinema that spawned decades of imitations, redefined dystopian sci-fi, and questioned what it means to be human. (see here )…

The decoherencer expulse a falling angel….

How a physicist think:

…”Alan Bustany, Trinity Wrangler, Triple A Science Student
Answered Oct 22, 2016 ……………”Which statement is more accurate: “an electron is neither a particle nor a wave”; or “an electron is both a particle and a wave”?
Both statements are misleading. And they are misleading for a very fundamental reason, the understanding of which will enhance your appreciation of the scientific method and what fundamental science is all about.
They are misleading because you and I think we understand what a particle or a wave is. That is, we have an intuitive, or even a sophisticated, understanding of classical particles and classical waves. In circumstances not too far removed from our everyday experience, reality plays by well-behaved rules that generally conform to the intuitions our brains have developed over millions of years of evolution. Even then we can occasionally be fooled by various forms of illusion.

…one of possible paths in a field…

The scientific method aims to replace our intuition, analogies, and models with measurable, verifiable, independent evidence – especially in situations far removed from everyday experience: scales of atoms; speeds approaching that of light; large gravitational fields; and so on. In dealing with extreme situations, thinking of analogies like “little billiard balls” or “waves reflecting off a wall” can be positively detrimental. That is certainly the case when you consider Quantum Field Theory (QFT) for subatomic particles like an electron.


The Decoherencer create a Falling Angel,,,

In QFT (Quantum Field Theory) you have some mathematical model of reality that predicts certain measurable effects that correspond with astonishing accuracy to actual measurements. Some effects, such as quantum entanglement, are very counterintuitive but nevertheless seem to express what is actually going on. Some of the mathematical objects in QFT can, under certain circumstances, be interpreted as particles or particle-like. Others can be interpreted as waves or wave-like. Some can be interpreted as particle-like in some circumstances and wave-like in other circumstances.

What, then, is really going on underneath? Unfortunately this question does not even make sense. A scientific theory incorporating a mathematical model is just that, a model of reality. We can never know in principle whether it is the correct model or even if such an entity exists”... See Quora,,,

So this is quite a subjective science fiction story ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////