What’s the Trouble with Art

Question: is art a commodity a fact or a dream….? Answer: I don’t know…but tentatively… it is something I like and need… so it is a (like,need) and it is…. the physicist J.A. Wheeler says it is “it from bit” see here   

So a bit is information it is physical…”it”:  the picture the paint the canvas the photo the Fabriano paper the computer screen …. my (like,need) etc… So my art production is selling bits to someone absorbing my bits and calling it Art and paying me with bitcoins….

So “Whats the Trouble with Art” …. art is a classical perception: pictures salon galleries museums sellers curators  artists etc…. the trouble is that art does not reveal the borderline between the classical perception and the Qubit “perception” – the quantum world where “it is from Qubit”

So this is my own subjective Science Fiction see the “Interstellar”  movie

this picture correlate my bits to your bits trough the veiled qubits….

prof. Leonard Susskind…  I (like,need) his bits…

this  drawing is art representing the fuzzy bit/qubit space in my or your salon….