Push Pull ‘Out of the Blue’

The  SketchUp free application from Google is more than a nice 3D architecture software. For me the word ‘more‘ in the above sentence  points to the manner I use SketchUp.

I am not an architect, so I have no prejudices and no previous learning on how exactly to plan any building. But my use of the application create  unfamiliar forms, shapes and volumes  always on their  way to something unpredictable

The Push/Pull tool  and the Move/Copy tools used in non orthodox moves, not planned but more on the verge of a a spontaneous instinctive  ‘line drawing’ feeling,  produces a first unpredictable picture ‘Out of the Blue, as the song by John Lennon.

And  indeed the first picture’s appearance is in a non habitat mood. But when rotating the picture and taking snapshots at different intervals,  more unpredictable  views came into ‘being’, views which I never planned.

The SketchUp application acted here as a black box device: I made the first input, the black box did the rest by outputting the latter pictures.

Above. The first picture: my input, (click to enlarge).

Below. The black box output, (click to enlarge).

A technical note:  After resuming the above pictures in SketchUp 8, I exports them in tiff format to Photoshop, making color and contrast adjustments to get the above final  views.