A ‘Borges Finite Labyrinth’ Comics

ABOVE:  Borges Finite Labyrinth Comics 1.                                                                                        Rooms 1-13. (Click on the image to make it larger).

(The featured picture header is Kurt Godel, whose incompleteness theorem is not so far away from Borges and his labyrinth..)

When you stumble upon the unpredictable try to look at it with a bare eye. With this context in mind and in a speculative way, consider this:

I like comics but I don’t like to surrender to all the known rules for drawing  them. So stripping away  their  glorious  colored feathers from their trendy hats was for me an act of insurgence and an act of rejuvenation.

In the making of the above drawing I had the unpredictable vision that it was  not a conventional comics layout I am drawing into. In my perverse view, the bounding boxes are not boxes at all. For me they delimit rooms, a succession of rooms in a Jorge Louis Borges finite Labyrinth.

In the same vein and from another angle, without speculation, JGBallard, writing prose in a non conventional way , named his novels “The Atrocity Exhibition” condensed novels. Here is what he says in an interview by James Goddard and David Pringle:

..”These condensed novels [in The Atrocity Exhibition] are like ordinary novels with the unimportant pieces left out. But it’s more than that — when you get the important pieces together … not separated by great masses of ‘he said, she said’ and opening and shutting of doors, ‘following morning’ and all this stuff — the great tide of forward conventional narration — it achieves critical mass as it were, it begins to ignite and you get more things being generated. You’re getting crossovers and linkages between unexpected and previously totally unrelated things, events, elements of the narration, ideas that in themselves begin to generate new matter.”.. read more on Ballardian.

And on a more actual note. Is Lady Gaga, reinventing herself, with every new costume a la Jean Paul Gaultier, in the same formal  way JG Ballard invented  his condensed novels?  Or in the same way as all comics layout can be viewed as an immense Jorge Louis Borges labyrinth of rooms? Is  Lady Gaga’s Alejandro, armed with a ‘binocular’, her true reminiscence from Chris Marker’s film La Jetee (February 1962), see pictures below, or is it an  accidental  event connecting them together.. into an unpredictable forced violent dance party.

Or perhaps the whole thing is as U2’s Bono once sang, “Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief.” read the lyric here, hear the song here.

Lady Gaga from       Alejandro.

Chris Marker‘s movie La Jetee ( The Pier)

BELOW:Borges Finite Labyrinth Comics 2 .                                                                                        Rooms 1-19. (Click on the image to make it larger).