Pictures from Beirut Fighting

The text is quoted from the Israeli “haaretz” newspaper.

…”Lebanese army moves into W. Beirut after Hezbollah takeover  17:38 09/05/2008   Lebanese troops began taking up positions in some Sunni neighborhoods abandoned by the pro-government groups and taken over by Hezbollah and its allies. The army, though, did not intervene in the clashes, which had largely tapered off into sporadic gunfire by early afternoon. Some of the gunfire was celebratory in the air by the militants”… see more

Here are from pictures from the fighting.

I extracted the pictures from the TV news of the Israeli channel 10 at 17.00 today.

The text is quoted from the Israeli “haaretz” newspaper.

…”The clashes are the latest turn in a test of wills between the Hezbollah-led opposition and the government of Prime Minister Fuad Saniora. The U.S.-backed government has only a slim majority in parliament, and the two sides have been locked in a 17-month power struggle that has kept government at a standstill.

The fight could have implications for the entire Middle East at a time when Sunni-Shi’ite tensions are high. The tensions are fueled in part by the rivalry between predominantly Shiite Iran, which sponsors Hezbollah, and Sunni Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.”…see here