Israeli Syrian Hezbollah’s ‘James Bond’ stories of Mugniyah’s death

Mourning of Mugniyah

The violent death of Imad Mugniyah, arose the question of his killers identity.

Here is one James Bond Story (Israeli Mossad) telling us in details the last moments of Imad Mugniyah.
The Sunday Times state on his headline “Israel kills terror chief with headrest bomb” I Quote, ..”At 10.35pm he decided to go home. Having exchanged customary kisses with his host, Hojatoleslam Ahmad Musavi, the newly appointed Iranian ambassador, Mughniyeh stepped into the night.
Minutes later he was seated in his silver Mitsubishi Pajero in a nearby street when a deafening blast ripped the car apart and killed him instantly.
According to Israeli intelligence sources, someone had replaced the headrest of the driver’s seat with another containing a small high-explosive charge. Israel welcomed his death but the prime minister’s office denied responsibility”…see here.
Walid Jumblatt
Walid Jumblatt, an outspoken member of the anti-Syrian March 14 parliamentary coalition
From another source here is another James Bond story (Syria) I quote,..”.. ‘It could have been the Syrians,’ says Walid Jumblatt, an outspoken member of the anti-Syrian March 14 parliamentary coalition. ‘Damascus is well protected, and I don’t think somebody else could do it’. Some analysts suggest that Damascus may have seen advantage in delivering up Mughnieh to his enemies to curry favor with the US at a time when Syria is under intense international pressure. While America’s $25 million reward for Mughnieh is a potential motive, the imminent establishment of an international tribunal to judge Hariri’s killers also may have spurred Damascus’s leadership to cooperate with the Americans over Mughnieh. Syria is widely suspected of involvement in Hariri’s death.”…see here.
Foreign Syrian Minister Walid al-Moualem
Foreign Syrian Minister Walid al-Moualem
Now Syria, via, tell us that: “Syria ‘to name Mughniyeh killer“, I quote,..”Iranian TV said a booby-trapped car had exploded next to Mughniyeh’s Syria has said it will soon present “irrefutable” proof of who was behind the killing of Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh in the capital, Damascus. Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem would not discuss the ongoing investigation, but insisted the world would “soon hear the results of this mighty effort”.. so the accused Syria (by Walid Jumblatt) is investigating her own crime, see here.
But From  Damascus, Feb 16, 2008 (Xinhua via COMTEX) we know that, I quote,,” — Syria has denied media reports on the formation of a joint committee with Iran and Hezbollah to investigate the assassination of Hezbollah commander Imad Moughniyah, the official SANA news agency reported on Saturday.”…” Only the Syrian specialized authorities are conducting the investigation into the assassination,”…see here. and here.
I let the last words to  Michael Ross a real ‘James Bond’. I quote,..”One of Ross’ successful missions — described in Chapter 9 of The Volunteer, excerpted below — required him to place a bomb under the car of a Hezbollah agent, which later was detonated by remote control. The same strategy was used in another deadly operation presumed to be the Mossad’s handiwork: This week’s killing of Hezbollah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh.”..
And in more details…”In a special magnetic compartment under my car was stashed a container of high explosives. Had it gone off, the explosion would have left a crater in the middle of the Autobahn, and the car’s fine appointments, along with my body parts, would have been strewn all over the Bavarian countryside. But I wasn’t particularly worried. The Mossad’s science and technology division had assured me I would have to drive the car off a cliff or into an oncoming truck to risk blowing the thing – in which case, the lethal effect of the blast would be redundant. As flying bombs go, I was fairly serene. Most people don’t realize that military-grade explosives such as Semtex typically will not detonate without a smaller ignition charge from a blasting cap or detonation cord. Heat itself is not enough: you can hold a match to the stuff and it won’t light up. To demonstrate that point, one of my IDF instructors had done just that in front of a group of terrified cadets.”…see here.
But alas, in the Middle East there are no last words and the proof is here: Michael Ross is not Michael Ross, I quote,..” Ross is not the author’s real name. Ross was a Canadian Christian who lived in Israel and married an Israeli woman,” more can be read here from the article by Yossi Melman.
So is there some firm truth in those Rashomon stories? Perhaps: Retaliation or “V for Vendetta“.
US intelligence chief Mike McConnell
Update from (the press).

Mon,18 Feb 2008 00:59:16
I quote…”US: Hezbollah behind Mugniyah killing Mon,18 Feb 2008 00:59:16
The US intelligence chief Mike McConnell claimed Sunday that internal Hezbollah groups or Syria may be to blame for the killing of Mugniyah.””…see here.
…’It is a serious threat,’ McConnell said. ‘There’s some evidence it may have been internal Hizbullah, it may have been Syria. We don’t know yet.’ see here.

V for Vendetta