Hizbullah’s chief of staff Imad Mugniyah Killed

 Imad Mornia
 Imad Mugniyah has been killed in a mysterious explosion in Damascus.
He is considered as the chief of staff of the Hizbullah.
Two Quotes:
1-“Explosion hits Damascus residential area
 An explosion tore through a residential area in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Tuesday, but it was not immediately clear if it caused any casualties.
Security officials at the scene refused to comment.Witnesses saw a mangled white car being towed away by police who cordoned off the area, which houses an Iranian school, a police station and a main Syrian intelligence office.No further details on the explosion were immediately available. It was not clear what caused the blast”….see here
2-…”Damascus car bomb kills man: witnesses
Security officials at the scene refused to comment.
The upmarket district houses an Iranian school, a police station and a main Syrian intelligence office. A police truck towed away the destroyed car, a new model Mitsubishi Pajero.
Syria’s Baathist government, which bans all opposition, prides itself on maintaining stability. The blast was not reported by state media and the target was not immediately clear.
Several officials from the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas were at the scene but there was no indication any of its members had been the target”… see more.
From the israeli press ‘Ynet”   Published:  02.13.08, 16:12
Military Intelligence: Hizbullah lost its number one figure
I quote…”Reservist Military Intelligence officers tell Ynet of Imad Mugniyah’s prowess as terrorist mastermind. Former Mossad chief Danny Yatom: One of most dangerous terrorists ever.”..
…” Military Intelligence and other national security organizations do not hide the fact that various attempts were made to track Mugniyah’s path. However, it appears that the arch-terrorist was well aware of his “popularity” in Israel and succeeded in using the strict compartmentalization of information among his associates to maintain a low profile.”…
‘As important as Nasrallah’
Yoram Schweitzer, a senior research fellow at Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), believes that Mugniyah’s significance within Hizbullah was close to that of Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah’s.”… …”Although Nasrallah is the leadership figure, political and very capable, and even though Mugniyah was an operational figure, he led tens of special missions and we shouldn’t underestimate his position,” Schweitzer said in a conversation with Ynet.”…see here.
Update from the Hizbollah site in English
Hamas, PFLP-GC Condem Moghnieh Murder by Zionist Gangsterism
Source: Al-Manar TV, 13-2-2008
Quote…”In a series of condemnations of the assassination of Hizbullah top commander Imad Moghnieh, Hamas accused “Israel” of killing Moghnieh, saying it was a “new example of Zionist gangsterism.”…see more.
Quote ….”Israel” Accused of Killing Hizbullah Figure
…”Moghnieh was head of the Hizbullah resistance branch during Lebanon- ‘Israel’ war in 2006.”…””Down with “Israel” … Down with America,” shouted Lebanese peoples in the village of Tayr Diba where he came from, east of the southern port city of Tyre.”…”Former Mossad head, Danny Yatom said on ‘Israel” Radio,’ He was not only being targeted by ‘Israe’, but also by the Americans and many other parties.”…see more.
Because of the possible repercussions of Imad Mugniyah’s violent death, on Israel Syria Hezbollah Lebanon the USA and others, I bring here two interesting posts from Tony Bey,(Tony Badran) Research Fellow (Levant), Foundation for Defense of Democracy, see here.
The first post “Mughniyeh Assassinated in Damascus” see here.
The second post “Schenker on Mughniyeh and Syria” see here.
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