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From the ‘Vantage’ view of (January 11, 2008)  I quote ..”Blog news travels faster than dry leaves can ignite into a wildfire.”. The explanation is…”That’s because blogs draw their power not just from readers, but from links to other blogs. Blogs, which transmit and republish stories all over the Web, spread information faster than an exploding shotgun shell.”…Now what’s the moral, I quote…” Because of how quickly these stories circulate, companies and their PR agents are finding that they must respond more urgently to promote a product and shield a company’s reputation.”… see full article.
  The superlative explanation and the moral of the blog news influence, are rooted in the following story “Don’t Let Blogs Pop A Firm’s Reputation”, I quote …”One case in point 19 microwave popcorn maker Pop Weaver”…”When the Lighter Footstep blog (10 September 2007), which focuses on greener lifestyles and lures 200,000 visitors monthly, wrote an article in September 2007 about the harmful effects of diacetyl, an additive in microwave popcorn that provides a buttery taste, the story started snowballing.
   The news quickly broke on (September 4, 2007), a blog that fashions itself as a water cooler for public health, and, which covers healthy lifestyles.”…
As a threatened popcorn eater I made a quick research on what is diacetyl, and found out:
..”Breaking Diacetyl News!  September 5, 2007:
An Associated Press article on September 5, 2007 reported that recent warnings to popcorn factory workers about the dangers of developing bronchiolitis obliterans, a serious lung disease, have now been extended to consumers. The disease is thought to be cause by exposure to diacetyl, a chemical used in the buttery flavoring of microwave popcorn.
A pulmonary specialist at the National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver wrote to federal agencies indicating that doctors there believe they have a patient who developed lung disease from the fumes of microwaving popcorn several times a day for years.”.. see here.
Today I checked what did “Pop Waver” do with the diacetyl. Well the results are reassuring look at the picture,
Pop Waver
Further moralities, from the ‘CNNMoney’ article, a blogger should know:
1-…”  ‘Internet stories last longer than most mainstream stories’, says Demopoulos. ‘Stories on the Internet never go away,’ he said. Newspapers stories are written and often fade, but Internet or blog stories written months ago pop up as a lead item when people write “microwave popcorn” or “diacetyl” on a search engine like Google.”..
2-..”Blogs Are Credible”..
3-.. “There are no secrets anymore. The Internet is forcing companies to be more open and honest.”..
4-..” ‘We see blogs as equal to mainstream media. It could be argued that some blogs aren’t as credible as the New York Times,’ Yingling said. ‘But most consumers don’t differentiate between mainstream writers and bloggers’, she says.”..
Well let it be so forever.
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