“Syria Rebuilds on Site Destroyed by Israeli Bombs”

Syria reconstructed site 

This evening, (January 12, 2008),  News Channel 10 (Israel time 20.00) brings a quotation from the New York Times saying that Syria rebuilds on site destroyed on the  September 6, 2007 raid.

Here are quotations from the NYT

…”The puzzling site in Syria that Israeli jets bombed in September grew more curious on Friday with the release of a satellite photograph showing new construction there that resembles the site’s former main”…

…”The image released Friday came from a private company, DigitalGlobe, in Longmont, Colo. It shows a tall, square building under construction that appears to closely resemble the original structure, with the exception that the roof is vaulted instead of flat. The photo was taken from space on Wednesday.”…

“So far, we have not received any information about any nuclear programs in Syria,” he said, according to a transcript posted on the newspaper’s Web site. Dr. ElBaradei said he had asked for the Syrians’ permission “to allow the agency to visit the facility and to verify that it was not nuclear.”

…”The satellite photographs, he added, led experts to doubt “that the targeted construction” was in fact a nuclear reactor.”…. for the full article see here.


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