My Blog’s Odyssey in Outer Space


I never wanted to open an art site on the web. As a visual artist, the conventional way to show my work is to open an exhibition in a gallery (Kibbuts Gallery), to invite friends family critics and journalist to the opening evening and afterwards to hope for an “endless” stream of visitors. In reality the “endless stream” is modest, in a three week exhibition the number of visitors is about 800-900.  

 One day without much premeditation, I opened a blog on, signed up to Site Meter and without great expectations uploaded a part of my work, modified to fit into my anonymous blog. After six months, from nowhere, the traffic increased from less than a half dozen visitors per week to a steady average ‘stream’ of 22 visitors per day. In six months the blog was visited by more than 3800 visitors viewing about 6000 pages..Apparently a derisible tour de force in face of the enormous internet public space. But not to bad against 900 visits every two years, the time to create new works to open another exhibition.
  Now what has the story of my blog to do with the ‘Internet preparing to go into outer space” ?  In some way I can quote myself with a few changes: …”Here with much more premeditation, almost a decade long, Nasa, Vinton Cerf and others, are trying, among  more important things,  to give me the opportunity to put my blog into outer space, a truly gigantic public space for my future visitors to come from, see here and here and here . This time I won’t hesitate and ride  my blog into Deep Space.   

  In the meanwhile, until Winton Cerf upload all this hardware and software into outer space, I continue to nurture my blog. But I cannot refrain from worrying myself about his fate in the immensity of our galaxy. Perhaps when I will be to old  to keep care of him (2025),  my children and after them their children and so on, will take over and perpetuated his modern Odyssey.


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