Parallel Worlds

Harry Potter

In my work as a visual artist I was always intrigued by the Many Worlds (Parallel Worlds) interpretation of quantum mechanics. It was  highly controversial because the impossible science fiction connotation of a constant splitting of our world into many branches, identified as other worlds, containing among other things our ‘own’ self’s.. but it was very inspiring for trying to invent drawings representing them.

On September 21-24, 2007. Perimeter Institute host’s a conference to mark the 50th Anniversary of Everett’s paper proposing an interpretation of the universal quantum wave function. ( see here)
One of the presented works  by David Deutsch, Wallace and Saunder, shown that key equations of quantum mechanics arise from the mathematics of parallel universes.
Here is a review of the work from the “NewScientistSpace” via a secondary source.

..”In the mid-1990s, Deutsch set out to put the uncertainty we see in quantum mechanical experiments back into the many-worlds scenario.

Now, with additional work by Simon Saunders and David Wallace, also at Oxford, he believes they have succeeded. The trick is to examine a quantum experiment while excluding probability theory and accepting the many-worlds interpretation.

The multiverse has a branching structure, created as the universe splits into parallel versions of itself. The thickness of the branches can be calculated solely using deterministic equations, getting around the uncertainties usually associated with quantum physics.

What the Oxford gang found is that the branching structure exactly reproduces the peculiar probabilities predicted by the Born rule. The branching also gives the illusion of probabilistic outcomes to measurements.

Deutsch believes this solves the problem of the origin of quantum probability once and for all. “Probabilities used to be regarded as the biggest problem for Everett, but ironically, they are now its most powerful success,” he says.”, see the full review.

Another source here.

The accompanying pictures:Harry Potter at King’s Cross train station, a parallel wizard world; and King’s Cross station before many years.

train station