Gordon Moore predicts end to Moore’s law in 10 years


       The quantum limit, with all his weirdness, knocks on our door.

After more than 40 years of empirical truth, Moores law — the maxim which declares a doubling of transistors on a computer chip roughly every two years — is under attack… by Gordon Moore himself. Ok, he’s just the messenger in this case; it’s the laws of physics that will render Moore’s Law obsolete in “another decade, a decade and a half” according to the co-founder of Intel. Fact is, space on a chip is finite so eventually, (this isn’t the first time he’s predicted the end) he’ll be right. Still, in perhaps a divination of future processing leaps, Moore noted that “the interface between computers and biology now is a very interesting area.” Yes Gordon, we’re all waiting for a quantum computer powered by a teaspoon of bacterial goo. Well, that, jetpacks and flying cars.

Dvid Deursch

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