Morphing Jesus into Osama Bin Laden

Jesus Bin Laden

Artist have the disturbing gift to upset  the beliefs and convictions of many people.

Queensland (Australia) artist Priscilla Bracks  denies offence with bin Laden work:…”THE artist behind a controversial work depicting terrorism mastermind Osama bin Laden morphing into Jesus today invited those considering her work to look a little more deeply than the obvious comparison of good and evil.”…(see here).

….”When you observe these two people, Osama Bin Ladin and Jesus, their ethics could not be more different. But they were both pursued by two of the world’s most powerful armies – the US and the Roman armies. Jesus is clearly defined by history, but I am interested in how history will treat the image of Osama.”…(see here)

…”The Prime Minister Johns Howard (Australia) has branded the work “gratuitously offensive” to Christians”, see here.

(..Ms Bracks’ work and a statue of the Virgin Mary wearing an Islamic burqa by Sydney artist Luke Sullivan have been entered into Australia’s top religious art competition, the Blake Prize.(see here).. )


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  1. As a Christian, how could I possibly be upset that a non-Christian artist decided to create work like this?

    It’s a fallen world we live in and I’m called to pray for it and all it entails. Even artists who believe in pieces (not that great design-wise, by the way) that are saying something they most clearly are not.


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