Egypt star faces ban for acting with Israeli

Amr Waked

The perils of going global

Rising screen star Amr Waked in trouble for co-starring with anIsraeli actor in a BBC production about Saddam Hussein.

…”CAIRO (AFP) – A rising Egyptian film star who plays the son-in-lawof Saddam Hussein in a BBC drama faces a possible ban on performing in Egypt for acting with an Israeli in the film…. Actor Amr Waked, now
shooting in Tunisia,ran into trouble when his union learned that Israeli actor Yigal Naor is playing the role of the ousted and executed dictator in the drama about his life”.. see here

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The following post is not related to the above “Egypt star…” . I transferred   “Certain Words in Uncertain Times” to this blog  when closing my other blog “Huntingprairies”

Certain Words in Uncertain Times

The Falling Men

Four great authors bringing their unique view on our time and his near future, but knowing in their heart, that the evolving events recorded in their books are a minority in front of the overwhelming number of unknown events altering in this very moment the content of their writing.

John Ashbery.

An 80-Year-Old Poet for the MTV Generation ( August 27, 2007).

“MTVU, the subsidiary of MTV Networks that is broadcast only on college campuses, will announce today that it has selected its first poet laureate. No, he doesn’t rap. And it’s not Bob Dylan, or even Justin Timberlake. It is John Ashbery, the prolific 80-year-old poet and frequent award winner known for his dense, postmodern style and playful language”. See here and here.

Don Delillo. ( May 27, 2007)

A new novel, “The Falling Men”.

….”In his new novel, Don DeLillo shoves us back into the day itself in his first sentence: “It was not a street anymore but a world, a time and space of falling ash and near night.”…

…”Keith must descend back into the hell of 9/11 if DeLillo is to provide the counternarrative to terrorism he promised, the story that takes us beyond the hard, anonymous numbers of the dead to retrieve what he called in Harper’s “human beauty in the crush of meshed steel.”.. see here

William Gibson. (2007)

Dark new World. In a time gripped by terrorism, a young newsman goes hunting. a new novel, “Spook Country”.

…”Spook Country is less a conventional thriller than a devastatingly precise reflection of the American zeitgeist, and it bears comparison to the best work of Don DeLillo. See here and here

… Like Pattern Recognition before it, William Gibson’s eighth novel, Spook Country , feels like dictation from the zeitgeist. Its “illegal facilitators,” nonexistent magazines, terrorists, pirates, junkies, mad art dealers, and WMD are all woven together into something more unsettling and blackly comic”. See here.

Amos Oz.(2007)

A new novel, “Rhyming of Life and Death”.

The Israeli author in his new novel asks “Why do I write and for whom?”. His question has no clear cut answer and is perhaps an illustration of his own feeling that “Why and for whom” is also directed against himself. ( the book is in translation, in Hebrew it is here ).

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