The Talkback Syndrome and the Jerusalem Bulldozer Attack

 After the bulldozer terrorists attack in Jerusalem on Thursday July 22, I published  on an article named  “The Jerusalem syndrome :bulldozer runs wild in Jerusalem”.

The article was pure news not yet colored by personal opinion, and was immediately followed by updates from witnesses who almost get wounded or killed or where under heavy stress due to the murderous event they eye witnessed.

 The point for republishing here hot news from 4 days ago is what I call te biased talkback syndrome of some commentators.  No matter what you are writing about, those armchair commentators live in a world without causes, they sniff only effects and  instill their so ‘called impartial  views’ for the Palestinian side.
I would almost say that they don’t need the news any  blank page of news will do the job,for the full article and his 36 comments see here: NowPublic
Here is an excerpt from the original article . After the article come the relevant comments, with poor or no relevance to the news.They are in bold  letters. My own replies are in italic.


 The police on Tuesday morning reported of shots heard on Jerusalem’s King David Street after a bulldozer began running wild in the area.The police reported that the terrorist was shot dead and two people were injured.At around 2 pm, eyewitnesses reported seeing a bulldozer driver running wild in the city and overturning cars. Large rescue forces were dispatched to the area.

Dina, who works near the scene of the incident, told Ynet, “There are a lot of ambulances and police cars here. We heard three or four shots fired at the bulldozer driver.

At the beginning of the month, three people were murdered when an east Jerusalem terrorist travelling on a bulldozer, crashed into cars and buses in central Jerusalem.

Arik Blum, the manager of a nearby restaurant, added, “He overturned two vehicles. This bulldozer was smaller than the one used to carry out the attack at the beginning of the month. The bulldozer’s window is full of bullets.”


 Here are the relevant comments and replies:

  Heritage Heritage at 09:37 on July 22nd, 2008

“Every industrial tool has become possible instrument of terrorism.” This statement rings very true.

 The D9 is the IDF’s main tool to destroy civilian homes. Israeli soldiers often give Palestinians no warning before they crash the massive vehicle through the walls of their homes. The rear blade, known as “the ripper,” tears up roads, pulling up water and sewage pipes. At least three Palestinians have been killed in recent years by the bulldozer and falling debris because they could not flee their homes in time.

Human rights organizations have documented the Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) systematic use of the D9 bulldozer in illegal demolitions throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The IDF has demolished over 2,500 Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip alone, most of them without military justification. Nearly two-thirds of those homes were in Rafah, a town and refugee camp on the southern border with Egypt. The Israeli military has used the Caterpillar bulldozer to raze over 10 percent of the town, and plans to demolish up to 20 percent more in connection with the government’s Gaza “disengagement” plan.

 korzac korzac at 15:00 on July 22nd, 2008

 Your source is headed by Kenneth Roth.

Look at “Ken Roth’s blood libel” published in the ‘Jerusalem Post’. Here are the opening lines …”A Malaysian newspaper recently published an article headlined “Israel deliberately targeting civilians, says Human Rights Watch.”     Turkish newspapers ran similar items, repeating HRW’s statements that “Israel intentionally bombs civilians.” During the Lebanon War HRW’s press releases, opeds and interviews with officials were cited in hundreds of newspapers around the world, providing seeming legitimacy from a “neutral source” to the violent anti-Israel protests and calls for revenge.      For HRW and executive director Kenneth Roth, Israel is a highly emotional focus, and their reports are often biased and unreliable.”…see more.

This was writen in 2006 at the time of the second Lebanon war. I suppose that headed by Kenneth Roth, since then, has not changed his mind…So why should I believe that your today ’emotional and biased’ source is better than the Israeli source, Professor Gerald Steinberg  the Political Studies Department Chair at Bar Ilan University, who write the ” “Ken Roth’s blood libel” article. His credentials are excellent..see here.

BTW, why don’t you observe what president Abbas said “and we condemn any attack against civilians from both sides [of the Israeli-Arab conflict],” . Or what Barak Obama said “The Democratic senator also said that his “thoughts and prayers go out to all who were injured, and to their families”, .

This is a war Heritage, with victims on both sides…

And a final word, if you want to know better the Arab side of human rights violation not only the ‘Israeli side’, visit ‘Emnisty International”….see here.

 Heritage Heritage at 07:24 on July 24th, 2008

Why is a bulldozer a legitimate weapon for Israel and not the Palestinians?

Hi Korzac,

HRW is about as credible as they come. I understand that inside Israel they are dismissed as ’emotional and biased’. But your post and these comments are not about HRW, they are about bulldozers used as weapons against civilians.

Why is a bulldozer a legitimate weapon for Israel and not the Palestinians?

If the men in the Jerusalem bulldozer attacks are terrorists, what are the IDF forces and contractors who use them on a daily basis against civilians?

Thanks for the Amnesty International links, I’ve read many of their reports. HRW also has many reports about Palestinian human rights violations. You should check them out, perhaps you may find out why they are so respected in the rest of the world.

 From Amnesty Inernational’s website:

 korzac korzac at 11:39 on July 24th, 2008

 Hi heritage ,

Always good to see your comments about good causes but for the wrong points.

Here is a short story about bulldozers. Many years ago, when the Golan Heigth was Syrian, I worked with a bulldozer near the border, in plain Israeli territory, and was almost killed by Syrian snipers.. So we welded a few iron plate on the bulldozer, and see how nice, it becomes a defence bulldozer to save my life….

Well what you call a weapon is indeed a weapon in the hands of Muslim terrorist in Jerusalem. In the Israeli hands, among other tasks, if a bulldozer is needed it is for defence not for killing people…as in my case.

And see what Barack Obama has to say about defence:

“Israel should not negotiate with Hamas so long as the Islamist group poses a threat to Israeli citizens, US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Wednesday during his visit to the town of Sderot.

Obama said that if someone were firing on his home, where his two daughters were sleeping, he would do everything to stop the attacks – and that this is how he expects Israel to act as well.

 During his brief visit to Sderot Obama also noted the terror attack in Jerusalem on Tuesday, Hezbollah attacks and the Iranian nuclear program, saying that all of these were genuine threats Israel faces alongside the Qassam rockets from Gaza. “

And for your …”Perhaps you may find out why thy are so respected in the rest of the world”.. So if Obama understand the Israeli situation is he not respected by the rest of the world, he the new messiah. And the Arab countries do they respect the Palestinians” for example Egypt with the blockade on her side of the Gaza Strip or Saudi with her petro-dollars is she respecting the Palestinians, and so on.

“The rest of the world’ is a slippery phrase. Are you entitled to speak for the rest of the world..I think that  your “rest of the world”, in the western world, is a minority and nothing more, it is a modern arena where some armchair gladiators fights  their ‘Israeli visions’, well as said in Arabic ‘Mabrouk’.

BTW. I am glad that you did discover . Bring us some news from the Hamas, Palestinian human rigths violations. 

A few concluding words. In general no matter what your arguments are, they are dismissed as irrelevant, mutilated and thrown away.  

Wilders film ‘Fitna’ in Nederland and Rushdie’s ‘Satanic Verses’ play in Potsdam

A turmoil of movies, literature, theater, actors, police and religious Islamic beliefs:
.Geert Wilder
After..” dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders released a film (Fitna) criticizing Islam and its holy book the Koran on Thursday, posting it on a Web site.”…, see here, Muslims are again upset at Satanic Verses play in German, I quote,…”A forthcoming stage play in German to be based on the controversial novel, The Satanic Verses by Indian-born author Salman Rushdie, is a “provocation,” a Muslim leader in Germany warned Friday.
Salman Rusdie
The stage adaptation is to premiere on Sunday, March 29, 2008, at the Hans Otto Theatre, known by the acronym HOT, in the city of Potsdam, south-west of Berlin. The script is by two Germans, Uwe Eric Laufenberg and Marcus Mislin, and is based on Rushdie’s 1988 novel. Police in the city said there had been no threat to the theatre, but they would guard it on Sunday as a precaution. Germany’s various Muslim groups have differed in their reactions with one group, the Central Council of Muslims, calling for calm.”…see more.
.Marcus Mislin, Uwe Eric Laufenberg, Oktay Khan
Marcus Mislin,        Uwe Eric Laufenberg,       Oktay Khan
I quote from the Guardian (UK) that , ..”Turkish actor Oktay Khan, who was due to take part, withdrew his consent after receiving threats that he would be attacked if he took part.”…see more
  Now what’s the rush? Well  the procedure is a know one, you have no right whatever to offend the Islamic religious  beliefs. But what if most people have some critisism, on any subject, and among them on religious beliefs, and not for the sake to offend but from the point of view of their beliefs, is it a  crime to be punished by dead or by some other calamities?
And on the other side, a know example is the citation from the Koran that Jews and Christians are the descendant of pigs and monkeys. I don’t know of  Christian or Jewish people who thinks that if a Muslim believer say so he deserve some punishment. And what’s so wrong in that we are the descendant of pigs and monkeys, after all,  from 750 Nobel prize winners 167 are Jews and the rest ,I suppose, are Christians and others. Not to bad for pigs and monkeys.
“Fitna” the movie on  yt.jpg

Seattle’s Power Lines Paranoia


Since 9/11 taking pictures is a dangerous act. If you take a picture of your girlfriend and in the background there is some electrical infrastructure you are under suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. See what  UW Art professor  Shirley E. Scheier didn’t know.

Professor detained for taking pictures sues. Snohomish police handcuffed her, searched car...”Artist Shirley Scheier drove to Snohomish to make the kind of picture you couldn’t get in a city — power lines against an unobstructed sky”…“She wound up being patted down, handcuffed and put into the back of a police car on that day two years ago, in a detention that lasted 44 minutes.”..

The electrical substation she photographed had been identified by the Department of Homeland Security as a “critical infrastructure” target.”…”A camera is not dangerous,” said Scheier, 54, a printmaker who has exhibited at the Seattle and Portland art museums and in galleries across the country. “I was terribly frightened about how I was going to be treated, because everything seemed so completely out of proportion with my activity,” she said.

…”She had been shooting photographs in Snohomish that she planned to incorporate into her etchings. “They have those beautiful high-voltage power lines and support structures that look really figurative, as if they’re marching across the landscape,” she said.””..

She took 17 pictures from publicly accessible spots outside the security fence, including city streets, the suit says. There were no signs warning against taking photos, Scheier said.

..”They asked her to exit the car, searched and handcuffed her, put her in a patrol car and started asking strange questions, such as whether she had children, Scheier said.The Snohomish officers said she would be contacted by Homeland Security, which never happened, Scheier said.”..see here.

For illustration, the following pictures is a good example of an electrical infrastructure,


To get a visual ‘idea’ of artist Shirley Scheier’s artwork see the picture,


For more pictures look here.

In Bangkok, Thomas Kalak ‘s taking urban pictures of electrical wires is an act of Art published by “Polar Inertia“, (and until now he has not been arrested).


See more pictures here.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to transform the above picture in the spirit of Lebbeus Wood.


For the legal side of this storie look at this article:

Misinformation about your photography rights continues to spread. …”The most notable was the story of Neftaly Cruz, a senior at Penn State who on July 19 was not only harassed but taken into custody by Philadelphia police for obstructing an investigation. How did he do this? By taking pictures of the cops while standing on a public street.”…..”‘Last week I received a note from a reader: “Today I was stopped by a security guard with the North County Transit District in Solana Beach, California, and prevented from taking photos of a great new train station they have,” he wrote. “The guard said they don’t allow it since 9/11.” ”  more here.


UPDATE. A casual list of photographers,  police and arrests.

This Was Today? (100)
View Maarten Dors’ mapTaken in (See more photos here)23.09.2007
Today should be a happy day, number 100 in my 365 days set. But it all turned out so different. Flickr decided out of the blue that smoking children can’t be photographed. Of course Flickr can show hardcore porn, violence and poverty …. but smoking, ofcourse not!  see here.
Chicago Police Arrest Photographer at Community Unity Rally Against Police Brutality and Misconduct
On August 6th 2007, 18-year-old Aaron Harrison was enjoying a summer night hanging out in front of the corner store at Roosevelt and Francisco on the West Side of Chicago when the police rolled up. A few minutes later, Aaron was dead, fatally shot in the back by the Chicago police, who claimed he pointed a gun at them. Witnesses insisted that Aaron didn’t have a gun, and multiple witnesses reported seeing police take a bag out of the trunk of a police car and plant a gun near Aaron’s body. Read more about the killing here and here and here. Community outrage over his killing, and that of several other police killings in recent weeks by the Chicago police, reached a boiling point. Many people from the community took to the streets, held rallies, and a group of about 100 people led by Fred Hampton Jr., son of the Black Panther leader murdered by the Chicago police (with assistance from the F.B.I.) in 1969, shut down a Police Board meeting on August 16th. A community unity rally and picnic against police brutality and misconduct took place in Douglas Park today (September 3rd 2007, see here.

Police Seize Cameras, Arrest Photographers and Solicit Information on Other Media at Anti-War Protest
Fairport, NY – Police arrested three anti-war demonstrators for allegedly trespassing at the privately-owned district office of Congressman Randy Kuhl (R – NY), apparently on the orders of Welker Property Management, the landlords. Two of the three arrested were carrying signs related to “9/11 Truth,” including Wendy Painting, one of those arrested, who is a member of “Rochester 9/11 Truth” and an Indymedia reporter.
Painting says all of those arrested were press members. She says that police confiscated her camera and later used its conditional return as incentive to provide information about other cameramen at the event.”I was told that if I identified the other people taking pictures, I would be allowed to keep my camera.”, see here.

False arrest claims photographer plans to sue police, see here.

Sheriffs unconstitutionally arrest KGO anchor/photographer
by KTVU/KGO Thursday Jul 12th, 2007 8:45 AM ,  see video of arrest

“Photography is not a crime; It’s a First Amendment right”
A blog on photographers and police arrests, see here.

City Proposes Limits on Public Photography, Filming (NY city)
The Mayor’s Office of Theater, Film, and Broadcasting, which coordinates film and television production and issues permits around the five boroughs, is considering rules that could potentially severely restrict the ability of even amateur photographers and filmmakers to operate in New York City, see here.

Artists Call on NYers to Send Mayor A Vision of His Crazy New Restrictions on Street Photography
A new group of artists and photographers, Picture New York, has formed to oppose these new insane photography rules created by Bloomberg’s office that would basically criminalize using a cameras and video equipment – of course at the NYPD’s discretion. And they want YOU to send the mayor your images and videos of how insane these rules are! There is also an online petition. You can already see some videos on the site. The rest of this is a press release from the group, it says it all as well as I could. Oh, except one part – where is Chrissy Quinn, The People’s Heroine(TM)? -Will, see here.


Don’t shaving your stomach in Bahrein



The following story is perhaps a curious one and could serve as a comic scene in a Hollywood movie.  

Hernia man cleared of suicide bid. 
 A man, who was reported as an attempted suicide case, was actually shaving his stomach and accidentally cut open stitches from a hernia operation.The Indian was reported to the Salmaniya Medical Complex by his roommate after he was seen bleeding excessively at their apartment after coming out of the bathroom, sources told the GDN. “He had a hernia operation a few days ago and when he tried to shave off the hair around his operation he cut open his stitches,” they said.   He was taken by ambulance to the hospital for treatment, where doctors thought that he tried committing suicide.  The case was reported to police and when the man and his roommate were questioned it was confirmed that it was an accident.”, see here .

  If we leave the Hollywood analogy and remember that the “hernia men” was suspected of committing suicide – a sin against Islam faith, and if so, reported for a police intervention, then the following ’Questions and Answers’ interview trow more details on the story. 

Q. It is said that suicide is forbidden in Islam and that the person who commits suicide is destined to go to hell. Suppose a person is suffering from a severe case of depression, or some other mental disease. Should such a person commit suicide, will he also go to hell?

A. It is true that suicide is strictly forbidden, because it is an affront to God. It is like a person saying to God: “You have given me life and I am taking it away.” This is what is meant by the sacred Hadith in which God is quoted as saying of the one who commits suicide: “My servant has precipitated My will with regard to himself! Therefore, I am forbidding him entry into heaven.” But this Hadith applies to a person in full control of his faculties, suffering no overpowering adversity and having a reasonable life. If such a person commits suicide, then may be God will not allow him in heaven. (see here)

  From here on, the way is open to ask, what are the Islamic suicide bombers, blowing up people in Baghdad, Beirut, London, Manhattan, Jerusalem? Are they in full control of their faculties?  Or are they suffering from some mental disease like brainwashing?

What has the  Islam to say to day about their premeditated suicides?

By Patty Chang,"Chez les Grecs".
By Patty Chang,"Chez les Grecs".

 Source artist Patty Chang see here , Guggenheim 2008 Hugo Boss nominee see here



 Dogs Stories in Tehran.

Do storie

It is tempting to rebut every move done by the Iranian regime. The dog prison story in Theran, viewed trough my western eyes as dog friends,  is a lunatic move. But for the Islamic state owning dogs is a highly controversial topic throughout Islam. Many people state that dog ownership is dirty and demeaning to the values of the Islamic religion. In fact many clerics have gone so far as to say that dog ownership is “morally depraved”. So the headline “Iran mullahs to arrest dogs (Oct 2, 2007) is from their point of view, a  legitimate way to get rid of what they see as our (Western) nefaste influence on their Islamic beliefs. Perhaps I need advice from  Anthropologist in War Zones to get a more balanced view of the daily perilous life under the Ayatollah regime.