in front of me is what i actually see (Verso)…SO MOST OF  the TIME I PRESUPPOSE THAT MY AFTER-BACK EXIST (Recto) …and THAT IS “REALLY” ASSURING……So people that detect my pictures (Verso) my also momentarily suppose that behind them (Recto) there is something….But in quantum(POP)physic that’s an open question ?!.. Because it may be that there is nothing there… Now, I  am convinced that they, the true art lovers, don’t like my metaphysical garbage…Well, I don’ blame them ….(VERSO,RECTO)….does a mirror on my back see something…

In a lesser fancy way Verso Recto (state II) by Nauman incorporates elements of his body into his art making process, the phantasmal shapes of fingers lined in two rows, “verso” and “recto.” The messy, smudged style and the blatant fragmentation in this print are darkly humorous and slightly sinister.

See picture:

I don’t think that Bruce Nauman was thinking in terms of that Quantum(POP)Physics thing because if you are good with the canonical reality then Verso-Recto is what we all think it is…no need to think what’s behind your back and you can safely say BEHIND MY BACK IS WHAT REMAINS OF THE WORLD…..