An Oasis of Re-flection in BLACK

l se peut que tous les systèmes -c’est-à-dire toute formulation théorique, verbale, symbolique, sémantique, etc. qui tente de se poser en hypothèse totalisante pouvant expliquer l’univers en son entier- soient des manifestations de paranoïa………(It may be that all systems – that is, any theoretical, verbal, symbolic, semantic, etc. which attempts to pose a totalizing hypothesis that can explain the universe in its entirety – are manifestations of paranoia. )

Citation de Philip K. Dick


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Black–Black is blackmailing me—light is absorbed—i don’t own a chapel—but in front of “the nothing” the black is full of surprises— During the black days of ww2 my name was Marcel Verhoeven and the big surprise was/is  that Paul Verhoeven coincidentally bear my war name and was the director of the movie “Total Recall” a science fiction black is interwoven into “Rothko -Chapel-www2-verhoeven twice-SF-the above picture-my blog” and so on along a surprise road and I  almost forget to mention that black is a color..Is it not paranoidical??  By the way I use the word “shit” because there was no need to use it..and BTW 2 English is not my מative language…BYE



my topological mind

what I wrote here are my own ruminations.They are literary shit with no merits other than being an outburst of proving to myself that my brain is lucid enough to make such an amalgam of stolen text and pictures that surely will get me the price of the great plagiarist…of course i would prefer to be named the great gladiator of that literary shit and coincidental pictures that i put together…but, with great reserve, i confess inserting pictures and text of my own breed…an I like this assortment of goodies