Mix Yourself in the New Normal


I am not a writer. I am a visual artist. But I like to make a chat: so here I am. Just now I received a few likes on Facebook for this :

“from my AI black box ..מתוך הקופסה השחורה שלי

I irrigate my hallucinations with heavy water, now my body is light and clean perfumed with pixel flora … the fog is gone and I fell the emotions of my virtual life…. my appearances are fugitives once in a “parsec”…. is that the new happiness of my AI…? Certified by my artificial intelligence (AI)


..אני משקה את הזיותי במים כבדים, עכשיו גופי קל
ונקי מבושם בפלורה של פיקסלים … הערפל נעלם ואני חש ברגשות חיי הוירטואליים …. ההופעות שלי הן ספורות פעם ב”פרסק “. … האם זה האושר החדש של הבינה המלאכותית שלי …? (AI) ..”

I use Facebook but Facebook is using me to..I don’t know if this is a Darwinian symbiosis ..maybe .. anyway my peregrinations between myself Facebook  my computer Wattpad the unseen and underground AI mixed with the New Normal from Strelka  make me a doll on virtual wires … but I don’t care..Maybe it always was like this and I didn’t know..see the standard quantum model for my physical persona appearance (just a wild hypothesis).

Anyway their cookies hunt me down remembering me until the end of my time like  the cookies known as a madeleine, a shell-shaped confection that inspired French author Marcel Proust’s legendary flood of memories in his work “Remembrance of Things Past.

What can I say.. in those new normal time I have become a product. The TV is looking at me…I am looking at the TV, we interface each other . I know that my LG TV has an interface with AI, but I don’t know my own interface and hardly know my hardware although I’m sure that someone has written the AI code and made the hardware in China …my own hardware evolved from the big bang of the stars and then from the amoeba. So I am a commodity a generic product  manufactured by Adam and Eve supported and guided by the  network… and waiting for my relocation into the underground of my new startup.. named TombShlomo..

As I say, I am a product… the scent of “j’adore ” perfumed my clothes, the commercial is on the TV.., the screen knows that I am a human commercial brand .. I don’t sell anything they sell me .. I am tagged.. I was born with an golden URL in my mouth.

By the way I should note that English is not my native language..I do my best to write correctly. But Google  translations is with me so no worries. By hazard I stumbled on something I wrote a few days ago and it  say it all:


‘”…Written by a ME who thinks he know English ..who speaks with his bugged Hebrew  language..whose native language was Flemish that I archived in the basement of my brain..and now suffering from Voltairian volcanic French language eruptions….I nevertheless use the Google translator to pick up some unexpected curiosities advertising my New Normality “

Again, by the way, the  painter De Koonig in  a talk  delivered at the “What is Abstract Art?” symposium, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, February 5, 1951.  proclaimed his own New Normal epiphany :

“Personally, I do not need a movement. What was given to me, I take for granted. Of all movements, I like Cubism most. It had that wonderful unsure atmosphere of reflection—a poetic frame where something could be possible, where an artist could practise [sic] his intuition. It didn’t want to get rid of what went before. Instead it added something to it. The parts that I can appreciate in other movements came out of Cubism. Cubism became a movement, it didn’t set out to be one. It has force in it, but it was no “force-movement.” And then there is that one-man movement, Marcel Duchamp—for me a truly modern movement because it implies that each artist can do what he thinks he ought to—a movement for each person and open for everybody.”

Now seriously …..

What is that MIX PUNK for Shlomo or the new normal from Strelka?..Here is a collage mix from the Strelka sites that gives a synthetic view of my feelings

“We live in an age where new technologies develop faster than our cultural or ideological capacity to understand what they mean…These structures have become the cultural typologies that define our time, says Liam Young….we belong to the Post-Anthropocene..Their cooling fans spin, the electromagnetic hum, the LEDs flicker, and it smells of rare earth. Machines are making the world and we are on the outside peering in, faces pressed to the glass windows of an empty control room. We’re coming out of a point where humans have been the dominant forces shaping and engineering the planet for our own needs, wants, and desires… now  the Post-Anthropocene,  the machines and systems and softwares that we have created are actually setting in motion the changes that are taking place on the scale of the planet….In this context where we are no longer at the center of things, when the cultures that we produce are actually digital, these structures are akin to the grand cathedral or the great library. These Post-Anthropocene goodies, are the new normal cultural typologies of our time….

The original text is:”The New Normal

“The New Normal takes the concept of contemporary urbanism and explores it relative to the impact of emerging technologies on new types of interdisciplinary design practices. Cities are built up of many different types of systems, and need to be considered from the point of view of different positions and disciplines. As such, the programme aims to establish a new urban design voice and profile.”

Now I say, from my point of view, not urbanism but “Art” and  his new connotations embedded into the AI environment which is now the filler of our life everywhere including what I am doing now. This ma be a naive point of view because  when I read the academic discussions  I feel that I am doing the work  and they are bothering me with all their bombastic text machinery .. and mybe I can ask :

“With what language can we define all of this directly? What do words like “identity”, “human”, “architecture, ” “organic”, “citizen”, “home”, “modern”, “authentic”, “progressive”, “natural”, etc. even mean anymore? Or rather, do their meanings describe what is actually happening? If not, at what point does the gap between our language and what it needs to explain become so wide that we move on to new terms? If that point is now, then our assignment is also to design a more effective glossary of the present. Can we compose it fast enough?

To be continued….

the Naive

And more from Strelka : “When something new appears, we may at first see it as a combination of familiar things. A car is a “horseless carriage”. A handheld computer + camera + wireless data is a “mobile phone”. A metropolis interlaced with sensor networks and information technology is called a “smart city”. A blockchain is, more or less, “digital money.” And so on.

In the short term, “hybrids” may make sense by analogy and suggest continuity, but as the new evolves, resembling the familiar less and less, than the language of hybrids creates confusion, even fear. It delays recognition and defers understanding of what needs our most acute attention.

So Strelka moves from Hybrid Urbanism to the articulation and design of The New Normal. But why is this shift so difficult, and what is the New Normal anyway? Or better, what should it be?”

As I wrote above my New Normal is not Strelka’s its more a metaphor pointing to the new normal of the visible the picture the process the rendering the staging of what is appearing and what is not appearing it is the document of the visual artist mixed with his  quantum physicality, for what that my be, and the fact that the wall execute the picture and the room gallery museum critic academia are his coffin.