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In his 2008 book, Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective, van Fraassen argued that experimental data is nothing more nor less than a representation of an observable fragment of a fundamentally unobservable universe. He argued that while it is scientifically acceptable to believe that data represents a physical state of an “it,” that does not necessarily mean “it” exists. see here….


it exist……


2pm, Ruth Catlow: Art and Blockchains in Space
lecture in English

The artworld has a problem – it garners great wealth, and yet it’s now harder than ever to sustain an arts practice even in the world’s richest cities. Ten years ago, blockchains blew apart the idea of money and value as resources determined by a central authority. But at this point, blockchains and the decentralised web need to deliver on their promise of emancipatory governance innovations. Core to Furtherfield’s new Decentralised Arts Lab (DECAL – a cooperative operating system for the arts) is its relationship to physical infrastructure and place. This talk will focus on artist strategies for reconnecting with the needs of localities and translocalities, and critiquing the “tokenization of everything” for total extraction by distant bodies. see here….


Transient Hole (Variations) is a hybrid curatorial project and symposium by Viennese artist and curator Alexander Felch. The project`s title refers to a concept for a media artwork, that cannot, properly speaking, be materialized for it deals with a moving void – a transient hole.

Across the floor of a white, three-dimensional room a little black hole is constantly and randomly moving. The hole is simultaneously there and not there. It is a portal to nowhere. But is it really? Might it not lead to transcendence, to another reality, or perhaps our reality can only be understood through this liminal presence of nothingness? see here

black-white hole


«Pour produire un monstre, c’est une pauvre recette d’entasser des déterminations hétéroclites ou de surdéterminer l’animal. Il vaut mieux faire monter le fond, et dissoudre la forme. (…). Et il n’est pas sûr que ce soit seulement le sommeil de la Raison qui engendre les monstres. C’est aussi la veille, l’insomnie de la pensée, car la pensée est ce moment où la détermination se fait une, à force de soutenir un rapport unilatéral et précis avec l’indéterminé. La pensée “fait” la différence, mais la différence, c’est le monstre. (…) La différence doit sortir de sa caverne, et cesser d’être un monstre; ou du moins ne doit subsister comme monstre que ce qui se dérobe à l’heureux moment, ce qui constitue seulement une mauvaise rencontre, une mauvaise occasion. Ici, l’expression “faire la différence” change donc de sens.» – Deleuze, Différence et Répetition.

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How might this look in real-world terms? Anagnost’s keynote presentation was populated with a number of familiar terms, including 3D printing, drones, cloud computing, robotics, gaming engines, augmented reality, the Internet of Things and generative design. Innovations in each of these areas will be showcased at this year’s Autodesk University expo, but the key for Autodesk is how data might begin to tie them together. If companies can integrate multiple technologies and synchronize data collection across platforms, the inefficiencies in the construction industry could be dramatically reduce…. see here



cryptograffiti was an early cryptocurrency enthusiast who now dedicates his work to spreading the word about blockchain and its potential.

He was also one of the pioneers in researching new revenue channels for artists, which included allowing people to send him bitcoin as they pass by his street art. His current artwork features materials taken from industries that have been disrupted by blockchain.

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