Oh God I am 19 Clicks away from You

Oh God I am 19 Clicks away from You

(Pseudo excerpt)

…Once up on a time…

 “Any Two Pages on the Web Are Connected By 19 Clicks or Less

There are more than 14 billion pages on the web, but they are linked by hyperconnected nodes, like Hollywood actors connected through Kevin Bacon. Distributed across the entire web, though, are a minority of pages—search engines, indexes and aggregators—that are very highly connected and I can use them to move from one area of the web to another.,,,,,, allowing me to navigate from most areas to most others in less than 19 clicks…”  See more  here .

Click to Play
Click to Play

Play in my
Hilbert Space
la la la la la la

my incertitudes
complexities of life
click click click…click click click

I play and sing
sing and click some motet
to my God
la la la la la la

away from me 19 clicks

ن شاء الله‎...inch'allah
ن شاء الله‎…inch’allah