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Hacking a Street
Hacking a Street



A script as a “Poem”

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Citizenfour (2014) Movie Script
at this stage, I can offer
nothing more than my word.
I’m a senior government employee
in the intelligence community
I hope you understand that
contacting you is extremely high risk
and you are willing to agree
to the following precautions
before I share more.
This will not be a waste of your time.
The following sounds complex,
but should only take minutes to
complete for someone technical.
I would like to confirm
out of email that
the keys we exchanged
were not intercepted
and replaced by your surveillants.
Please confirm that no one has
ever had a copy of your private key
and that it uses a strong passphrase.
Assume your adversary is capable
of one trillion guesses per second.
If the device you store the private
key and enter your passphrase on
has been hacked,
it is trivial to decrypt…”

Exerpt from CitizenFour ,,,