Drawing, Magazine Improvisation or Chance

As a visual artist, when starting a drawing, I never know exactly from where to begin an what shall be the final outcome…I am guided by something I have in mind at the very moment I make the drawing…So it is not a linear process…It is open and by chance…Now when writting an article the process is linear, logical, leading clearly from argument to argument from thougtht to thougtht…But what will happen if I wrote an article like making a drawing: open and by chance…….SEE BELOW:

.3.  Kiedy odkryłeś w sobie potrzebę mówienia poprzez sztukę i czym jest dla Ciebie Twoja twórczość?
How did it happen that you found the art way to express your feelings? What your art means for you?
ANS…To tell you the truth it didn’t happen ..it was always so…some sort of metaphorical singularity  where calculations are meaningless.. and explanations breakdown or in short: I don’t know..so art as a “meaning “ is what I am living consciously and unconsciously…also when most of my life I do other things.

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“Copy comes from the Latin copius, source of abundance. In its essence as a proof of fecundity (the ancient emblem of the cornucopia), “mechanical (and digital) reproduction” today seems more justified than ever in its zeal to impose its scenario and its statute, in a very natural way, on the liquid society of revisionism, cognitive dissonance and “copy and paste”—in which everything is shared, replicated, resuscitated—exerting itself in an inexhaustible game of resemblances, bent on delivering new levels of originality. The texts gathered here by ten authoritative contributors gravitate around the “migration of the aura” (Bruno Latour) and its easy landing places, prompting reflection on many practices of imitation, counterfeiting and falsification, as well as the concepts of authenticity, authorship, autography—and, of course, of copying, good or bad.” see here.


What is he thinking...
What is he thinking..


…I Will Never Know…

….You Will Never Know….





“I have also been greatly inspired by magazines and by the immediacy that a magazine can have on the viewer. You can find it anywhere, it can travel much easier than an exhibition. So, the potential of the printed page, just like the potential of the photocopy as a venue for art, has been with me from the start.

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“Improvisation or Notebook”

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The End of Silence