The Alawyte Occupation Regime in Syria.

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Israel is being accused of ‘occupying’ the West Bank. The historical background of this ‘occupation’ is rooted in the act of aggression by the Jordanian army joining Abdel Nasser in the six days war after the late Egyptian President convinced king Hussein that he is winning the war.., see here. But fortunately, as we know, the IDF won the war, and perhaps unfortunately, Israel and the Palestinians, until now, didn’t find the solution to end this historical tragedy caused by king Hussein’s miscalculated aggression on Israel.

But in face of the Arabic ‘Human Rights’ insurrection  in Tunis, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Iran, it would  be necessary to redefine what ‘occupied ‘ means in their case. Because the only ‘aggression’ perpetuated by the people of those states was the fight  for their own human rights in their own countries against their own corrupt regime.

In Syria, for instance, Bashar al-Assad’s regime belongs to the Alawy (His family has filled security organs with loyal members of his own religious group with the purpose of retaining his power. His military, ruling elite, and secret police are closely inter weaved).

Remembering that Bashar Assad’s father Hafez al-Assad had over 17,000 killed in the town of Hama in 1982 following protests there, we see now  the same pattern, see here (“Mail Online”): “Up to 100 people were feared dead and many more injured after Syria exploded in violence yesterday.”

So, remembering that  13% of Alawite, Bashar Assad ethnic group, rule on about 74% of Sunnis Muslims, and that Bashar Assad was elected by 97 %..(?)  of the Syrian voters give the real picture of the Alawyte Occupation Regime in Syria and his desperate  decision  to maintain his occupation regime in Syria by any means, and to fight the pro democracy protesters until dead.

So what we politically correct  know as a a legal dictatorship, approved, under the cover of the western world’s interests, is only the inner occupation of a population by their own ruthless regime: see former Tunis, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and perhaps in the future ‘former Iran’.

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