The ‘TwitterFacebook’ Messiah Mode

My above drawing is an improvisation  representing (perhaps) our entombment or  resurrection embedded in our new virtual neighborhood.

Not so long ago our neighborhood was perceived as the outdoor scene: the street with all his ramifications traffic and people. Every direction under the sun the rain or the snow was an open playfield . Today a new playfield , the ‘TwitterFacebook’ band, is emerging as a new social religion with his rituals and daily  imperatives. Mother nature herself, under her urban mode or her outdoor mode,  is under the direct heavy attack of the ‘TwitterFacebook’ band or gang, chose the epithet you like.

In medieval times:

great painters painted Crucifixions, Entombments and Resurrections. See Grunewald’s altarpiece, left. Or in our modern time Francis Bacon’s modern crucifixion, right.

If  so, why not create the artworks needed to glorify the new ‘TwitterFacebook’ church? With their Membership of about 700 millions people, see here and here, the Vatican himself may feel like an endangered species. And it is worth to note that hordes of Christian Jewish and Islamic believers are members of the new church, holding a two headed passport to their new heaven…

Anyway, the time is ripe  to paint the new Crucifixions, Entombments and Resurrections and to canonize the new Saints of the church in cathedrals a la Frank Ghery.

A practicing member of the church:

BTW, here is the beautiful song ‘The Messiah isn’t coming’ … a song by Shalom Hanoch, listen here on You Tube.