The new Spanish Holy Inquisition against Israel

Well, Spain 2009 has found new ways to enlighten the world by her special show called ” The Holy Inquisition against Israel, or is  Tomás de Torquemada back”.   And how was this magical tour de force done? Well with a little help of the Spanish Univeral Justice legislation.  Here is the story:

…”National Infrastructure Israeli Minister and former Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer and former IAF and IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz may face criminal charges in Spain for killing Palestinian civilians seven years ago.
..”A Spanish court granted a petition by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights on Thursday, asking the two be investigated for alleged “crimes against humanity” for their involvement in the 2002 assassination of Hamas operative Salah Shehade. Fourteen civilians were killed in the incident and about 100 more were injured.
…”According to a legal source in Madrid, Justice Fernando Andeo decided to grant the Palestinian petition “in the name of universal justice”…..” Andeo, a Audiencia Nacional de España (National Court of Spain) judge, is expected to inform both the Israeli and Palestinian authorities of his decision.”… “Madrid Court grants motion by Palestinian group to probe several senior defense officials for their involvement in 2002 hit on Hamas operative Salah Shehade; which left 14 dead, 100 wounded.” see here and here.

In the medieval age, the Spanish inquisition  persecuted their Jewish citizens for the crime of believing in the Jewish faith, a crime punished by tortures and forced conversion to Christianity. In our modern third millennium age (2009) Spain has found a new heresy to persecute:  by putting a heavy doubt on the right of the Jewish people in Israel to defend himself against terrorist like  Salah Shehade ..considered to be the mastermind behind hundreds of deadly terror attacks on Israel. He was targeted by the IAF on July 22, 2002.”..

Tomás de Torquemada, Salah Shehadeh and General Franco
Tomás de Torquemada, Salah Shehadeh and General Franco

Spain’s new inquisition stance, to punish Israeli-Jewish ‘heresy’ of legitimate self defence, is at most a bad joke ” in the name of Universal Justice”. Spain should by now have a more mature understanding of terrorist practices after the  2004 Madrid train bombings, and not trying to judge Israel. It is time to accept that Israel’s self defence is the  Universal Justice…

 But this lack of maturity is another ironic facet of enlightened Spain 2009  rooted in Spain’s own internal affairs. Look at this double standard story  “..In the name of universal justice..”

“Spanish judge drops investigation of Franco-era crimes” is the name of an article published in “The International Herald Tribune”
Here is a quote from the article:

…”A high-profile judge Tuesday dropped an investigation into Franco-era killings, ending what had promised to be the first criminal investigation into alleged atrocities committed by Spain’s former dictator and his allies.
The judge, Baltasar Garzón, last month declared himself competent to investigate the killings of 114,000 people at the hands of Franco’s supporters during the 1936-1939 civil war and the dictatorship that followed and ordered the exhumation of at least 19 mass graves.

Garzón had intended to investigate whether crimes against humanity were committed under Franco and, if so, whether 34 former generals and ministers were involved”….

And more…”It’s a disgrace,” said José María Pedreño, president of the State Federation of Forums for Historical Memory. “We have teams of Spanish peacekeepers exhuming mass graves in Bosnia and yet we can’t even deal with our own graves. As a Spaniard, I find this shameful. How can we call ourselves a stable, mature democracy if we can’t resolve this issue?” see more and also here and here.

He, José María Pedreño, can now call the disgracing probe by the  Spanish double standard justice to indict Israel’s self defence war against the Hamas, just as shameful.  This would be very nice in the name of  Universal Justice.

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  1. As you said “ said to have atomic bombs”.. is for the time being an assumption.

    The “ Spanish Holy Inquisition against Israel”
    is a fact.

    Perhaps Spain has no bomb. But historically she create the Inquisition against the Jews. Today she is recreating her in a trendy modern Universal Justice form against Israel.

    As to a war. I suppose there will be no war.

    BTW, your blog is very interesting.


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