The Sadat Family Lawsuit Against Iran

 “Iranian Film Calling Sadat Traitor Strains Egypt-Iran Relations” is the title of an article published on Memri on October 7, 2008, see here. I published on July 2008 an article on the same subject with the tittle *Iran’s film on President Anwar Sadat: the ‘Assassination of a Pharaoh’.

A few days ago, October 31- 2008, the soap saga dispute is taking a new turn with the Sadat family demands from Iran compensation for the documentary “The Assassination of a Pharaoh”. I quote:

“Next month, the Egyptian court will examine the appeal for damages to the amount of half a billion dollars submitted by former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s daughter against the Iranian president and the producer of the Iranian documentary film “The Assassination of a Pharaoh,” on the grounds that it has harmed her father’s reputation and distorted historical facts.
A diplomat at the Iranian Interest Office in Cairo stated in response that the lawsuit filed by the Egyptian plaintiffs was an attempt to sabotage the renewal of relations between Egypt and Iran.”, see here ( source is Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, October 31, 2008.)

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sadatfamily.lobna,jihan,wife jihan,noha

Now, perhaps there is some truth in the Iranian diplomat response to the Egypsian lawsuit, because of new facts about the documentary film, I quote:

In early August, it emerged that the contentious film did not, in fact, have any connection to the Iranian government. As it turned out, Execution of a Pharaoh was originally produced by satellite news channel Al-Jazeera, and was later dubbed into Persian by an independent Iranian religious institution that took the liberty of inserting the word “traitor” before Sadat’s name.”, see here.

Anyway, for those who want a further read, here is my article ” *Iran’s film on President Anwar Sadat: the ‘Assassination of a Pharaoh’ published on NowPublic:
“Iran’s documentary film ‘Assassination of a Pharaoh’  on the assassination of President Anwar Sadat arouse anger and protest in Egypt. 70 millions ‘Nuclear Iranians’ are confronting 75 millions ‘Non Nuclear Egyptians’ on a documentary propaganda film. Who knows what will trigger president Mubarak to have his own bomb.

Here is a quote from YNET; 
….”Sadat family enraged over ‘traitor’ label in Iranian film
Tehran documentary glorifies assassin of late President Anwar Sadat as martyr who killed ‘traitor’

Under the sensationalist title of ‘Assassination of a Pharaoh’ – a new Iranian film exalting the assassination of late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat has stirred outrage in Cairo.

Recently screened on the sidelines of a festival organized by the Committee for Commemoration of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement in Iran, the film has generated considerable heat amongst Egyptian scholars and filmmakers. Incensed, Sadat’s family has also vocally rejected the film and is reportedly considering a lawsuit against the Iranian producers.”….. see here

Here is a report by Egyptian daily ‘Al-Masri Al-Youm’ on Sunday:

 The project of Iranian film ‘the execution of the pharaoh’ about the assassination of the late President Anwar Sadat stirred wide controversy among Egyptian pundits and cinema professionals, as well as Sadat’s family.

They all expressed their indignation of the Iranian film, which was showed on the sidelines of the festival of the international committee to honor martyrs of Islamic renaissance.

The film of the execution of the pharaoh points out that the reason of assassination is that the ‘traitor’, as the film describes the late president, signed Camp David treaty.

The film showed what he called the ‘revolutionary assassination of the Egyptian traitor president by the martyr Khalid Islambouli’.  The one-hour film displayed testimonies of politicians and security experts of the incident and parts of the assassination process.

Sadat’s family, meanwhile, threatened to sue the producers of the Iranian film.  Ruqaia Sadat, daughter of late president, said to al-Masry al-Youm that film producers should have taken the prior approval of the family.  She stressed that any slander will be met with a strong reaction.

Talaat Sadat, niece of late president, criticized Iran and said that all Tehran’s actions toward the late president are ‘magian’; and that producing a film like that is a wicked attempt to tarnish the image of the man and falsify history.

Pundits and cinema professionals expressed their indignation of the film.  Mamdouh el-Leithi, chief of cinema syndicate, described the Iranian film as ‘impolite’ and said; “The film shows lies.”

He indicated; “Iranians should reconsider showing the film, as Sadat was a real hero; had it not been for Sadat, we would not have restored Sinai.  What Sadat achieved with Israel is now sought by Syria, Palestine and other states which objected to Sadat’s decision.  Sadat was rather the most courageous as he went to the Knesset.

Scenarist Wahid Hamid said; “The film is for propaganda and should not be treated as an artistic work.  It is produced based on a state’s politics.  This is the Iranian’s point of view for so long, as they named one of the streets after Islambouli”.

He added; “The Iranian film does not need a diplomatic response, but rather an artistic work to refute such claims”.  He expected that the film clamor will end within the next days.

For his side, a top leader of the Islamic group organization, which participated in the assassination of Sadat, declared the organization rejection of describing Sadat as traitor, stressing that he was the great man of October victory.  He said that Khalid Islambouli, killer of Sadat, was a righteous man and killed the president thinking it was the right thing.

But the group sees now that if days were to come back, such things would have never happened.  He added that Sadat was the only president who gave great freedom on his own to Islamic movements but the movement did not utilize such freedom at best.

Almasry, Alyoum,Iranian film, Anwar Sadat,Egypt,traitor,lies,propaganda,”…..see here.

Are these the new Iran-Egyptian talks? 

UPDATE, 9 Jul 2008 . Iran take an apologetical stance.

…”‘Assassination of the Pharaoh’ not Iran’s official stance
Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN – An informed official at the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said the Iranian movie praising the assassin of late Egyptian president does not represent Tehran’s official stance.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Monday summoned the head of the Iranian representation in Cairo to protest a documentary film called “Assassination of the Pharaoh” which glorified the killer of late Egyptian president Anwar Sadat.”….

 ….”The documentary has been produced by a private organization… and does not represent Iran’s official stance,” the official, who requested anonymity, told the Mehr News Agency.

Given the freedom of speech in Iran, private organizations do not necessarily speak for the government on different issues, he stated.

He asserted that Iranian leaders are determined to expand brotherly relations with Egypt based on mutual respect”…. see here.


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