Jonathan Pollard’s Sequel: “Ben-Ami Kadish the Forgotten Spy”

An Opinion.

Is there any way to answer why people act the way they act?  Yes, there are as many answers as there are people. 

Yesterday a story old 20 years surfaced about Ben-Ami Kadish, a former US Army engineer I quote, ..”Kadish was accused of taking home classified documents several times and letting the Israeli government worker photograph them in Kadish’s basement. The documents included information about nuclear weapons, a modified F-15 fighter jet [Saudi Arabia, ], and the U.S. Patriot missile air defense system, the complaint said”…”..According to the criminal complaint, the activities occurred from 1979 through 1985 while the Connecticut-born Kadish worked at the U.S. Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center in Dover, New Jersey.”…” The complaint noted that Pollard was charged in November 1985 with espionage-related offense after he provided classified information to the same Israeli worker, among other people.”.. .see more


Well my opinion is that if “Ben-Ami Kadish the Forgotten Spy” did what he did, it was for Israel’s security against Arab countries planning to destroy her and not because Israel is planning to attack the US. 

But what deserve the 85 years old “Ben-Ami Kadish the Forgotten Spy” the honor to be put now under the international spotlights for his ‘gruesome act of treachery’. Well as said before there, this question has as many conjectured answers as there are people involved:

The US Justice Department, 1- “Ben-Ami Kadish is an American citizen (Jew) and patriot and cannot be an ‘Israeli’ spy. 2-  So, treachery , the most abject act against the state, cannot be forgotten. 3-  So, justice has to be done, and any time is a good time.

The State Department. 2.1- There are  ulterior motives. 2.2- [So], the whole justice story is just a pretext, [because why waiting 25 years for doing justice?] 2.3- [So], Political elements in America have an interest in souring US-Israel diplomatic relations?

The Pentagon. 3.1- To jeopardize Israel’s involvement in the Joint Strike Fighter program. 3.2- To jeopardize the integration of Israeli systems in the advanced stealth-enabled fighter jet. 3.3- To make Israel again persona non grata in the Pentagon.

The fourth possible answer is , perhaps crystallising all the other possibilities, I quote, ..”..there are elements in Washington who do not approve of Israeli efforts to obtain the release of Pollard before President George W. Bush finishes his term in office. The exposure of another Israeli spy could put an end to that.” see here.

Anyway, I quote Ron Ben-Yshai from Ynet ..”The new espionage affair, the ‘Kadish Affair,’ will apparently not cause grave damage to the Israel-US relationship over time – not only because it took place and ended almost a generation ago, but mostly because it is in fact an extension of the Pollard Affair, over which Israel had already apologized officially and openly, and which had been beaten to death by the US media.”..see here


Perhaps,the whole thing cooks down not so much about the spying, but about the lying of Israel, and here it can  be asked, if Israel is an American Ally why not sharing with her more crucial intelligence to increasing her security? and this is especially true in the present  Iranian nuclear days.