German Chancellor Merkel in Israel

Awagne 1943 WW2

I publish on my blog a page of comics drawings called “The DailyComics Dream“, where I tell in short graphical episodes what happens to me under the Nazi occupation of Belgium in WW2 . With this context in my mind, I see the today  visit, in Israel, of the German chancellor Merkel accompanied by seven ministers from her cabinet, as a surrealistic historical meeting.

Merkel and Olmert in the ‘Hall of Remembrance’

PM Olmert and Chancellor Markel in the ‘Hall of Remembrance’ at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

I quote from the Israeli press,

..”Merkel and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert chaired a joint session of members of their respective cabinets, at which both governments signed off on a range of projects, including in education, the environment and defense. The security cooperation agreement signed between Defense Minister Ehud Barak and his German counterpart Franz Josef Jung includes joint military training projects. “…”Germany already has similar arrangements with France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Russia, while it was the first time Israel entered into such an agreement.”.. see here.

the two governments hold a joint meeting

Barak and Franz Josef Jung defence ministers

Ehud Barak and Franz Josef Jung Israeli and German defence ministers.

I quote from From the German press via Ynet,
…”The influential Frankfurter Allgemeine ( in German) stressed the “cordial relations” between Israel and Germany, while the pro-Israel Berlin-based Die Welt stated that the relations “have never been closer, and Israel has never been under a greater threat.”….”The Der Spiegel daily referred to Merkel’s visit as “unique” and noted that Germany holds government-level meetings with only five other countries, all members of the European Union.”…” A number of German reporters told Ynet that Merkel’s visit will make headlines on Tuesday, when she is expected to address the Knesset in her native tongue”…see here

Madame Kelner in Awagne 1943 WW2

Now look at this excerpt,
…”Jordan’s largest political party, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), lashed out Monday at Merkel’s remarks on solidarity with Israel, warning she was creating “enmity” with the Arab and Islamic worlds.’… “Germany has no record of enmity with the Arabs, but Merkel is now involving Germany in enmity with the Arab and Islamic peoples and her remarks will encourage the Zionists to commit new crimes” against the Palestinian people, Hikmat Rawashdeh, senior official at the IAF Executive Bureau said in a statement.’… “It is illogical to see the German sin complex towards what the Zionists allege as holocaust find expression in an unjust bias against the Palestinian people, who themselves have become the target of another holocaust as a senior Israeli official put it recently,” Rawashded said.

“If the Germans have committed a sin against the Jews, they are now committing a big crime when they support the expulsion of a people from their land and placing killer gangs in place of them,” he added.”…see more.

The Jewish holiday of Purim commemorating the deliverance of the Jewish people (in the old Persian empire) from Haman’s plot to annihilate them, as recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther (Megillat Esther) falls on March 20, 2008. According to the story, Haman cast lots to determine the day upon which to exterminate the Jews.  Well the Persian Empire has his modern counterpart: Ahmadinejad’s Iran and ‘Friends’….Not much has changed.

WW2 The SS in Awagne 1943