Smoking Ban the “Art of Smoking”

 The Art of Smoking
Customers desert smoke-free restaurant (Fri Jan 18, 2008)
I quote,..” Beijing’s first smoke-free restaurant chain faces going out of business after its customers deserted it in droves after the ban was enforced, state media reported on Friday.”..”Beijing authorities had written to 30,000 restaurants asking them to put smoking bans in place, but not a single one had taken up the suggestion, the paper said.”..see more.
This is a good introduction tho the awakening smokers ‘Resistance Mouvement’ against the smoke ban,  engulfing most western countries and make the smokers a cast of unwanted peoples by the non-smokers and of Most Wanted people by the police authorities. Well the human ingenuity has more than one trick up his sleeve.
Here are some strategies.
 I quote from Germany…”Refusing to face reality, some pub and club owners have even tried to turn their establishments into member-owning smoking clubs, like Hamburg’s Association for the Preservation of Smoke Culture and Advancement of Tolerance.”
…”The owner of the Mouse Trap pub in Schleswig-Holstein has lodged an application to turn it into a church. ‘I consider the burning of tobacco to be a religious practice,’ said Dirk Bruckner, who already boasts around 400 followers.”…
…”Indeed, another quirk in the law, allowing smokers into establishments with separate rooms, has led to an explosion of creative solutions, from no-smoker tunnels now being mass-produced out of plaster cast to mobile smoker rooms, complete with DJ and sofas, which are touring the city picking up disgruntled smokers.”…
…”One campaigner went as far as to issue a T-shirt bearing a yellow star of David along with the word ‘smoker’, comparing the ‘persecution’ of smokers to that of Jews under the Nazis. The outrage of Jewish groups led to its withdrawal.”…see more.
Smokers Magen DaviD
Here is another funny subversion.
I quote …”A restaurateur in Lower Saxony has refused to be deterred by the state’s new ban on smoking in bars and restaurants: He has sawed three holes in the wall so patrons can smoke “outside.”…”With the “smoking point,” customers can put their heads through the large hole in the middle and one hand through each of the two smaller side-holes. The patrons can then legally enjoy a cigarette without having to leave the comfort of the inn.”…see more.
Smoking Point
Smoking With the ban
Smoking Point
 You may also invoke smoking in the Name of Art, I quote…”A Lyon, le Café 203 se proclame “café fumeur”
“I consider myself a resilient in times of peace,” said Christophe Cedat, owner of Cafe 203″…” Beyond the bravado against this Act “public health” is an “act of artistic déliquance” that the Cafe 203 proposes to do. The smoldering ashtrays are accompanied by a few words: “Smoking, you participate in an act of delinquency that can also be viewed as a work of art. You leave the imprint of your addiction to tobacco, to be fixed forever.” see more here, (in French).
Smoldering ashtrays Art
Cafe 203 ashtrays art
  It has been said that smoking is great after sex, but to enjoy this situation you have to be a smoker.. and if you are not, don’t you feel great after sex? well the non-smoker  obviously feel great but the ‘miserable’ smoker  need not only to make sex and smoke, he needs his cigarettes with his beer, his work, his reading a book, his being together with his friends, his moods, with his whole life.
 The Smoking Ban made justice with the non-smokers and by the same token create an Achilles Heel by not providing a compromise for the smokers. Remember the alcohol prohibition in the USA?  Well here is an anlysis made by Mark Thornton  in 1991, named “Alcohol Prohibition Was a Failure”. I quote..”The lessons of Prohibition remain important today [perhaps also today January 2008, my words]. They apply not only to the debate over the war on drugs but also to the mounting efforts to drastically reduce access to alcohol and tobacco and to such issues as censorship and bans on insider trading, abortion, and gambling”…see more here.
And here are some happy smokers:
Smoker one
Chicha smoker
Happy women smoker
Happy smoker Harry Potter
Is Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) a happy smoker?
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good stuff: Great story, thanks korzac.  I almost posted this story myself before I happily saw yours.
Personally, I’m glad whenever I hear about further restrictions on smoking.  I can remember years ago when I would always come home after a night out just reeking of smoke–I had to wash everything I was wearing.  I’m thankful that’s not an issue anymore in Vancouver, as establishments have been smoke-free for several years now.

Call me a Puritan, but I say the less public smoking the better. 

  I myself am not a smoker. As a kid I didn’t succeed to inhale smoke and to enjoy it. Many of my friends did it. So, without much regrets., I am not the Malboro Man. The point is that a policy of total Prohibition encourage his violation. Smokers will find their ways to smoke, as the post shows. In Tel Aviv it is quite a shock, smokers don’t know how to cope with the situation. But time is the best remedy for any tragic love.
 Thanks for the comment and the flag.

I’d like to see that one particular image removed – how about it someone – please? Other than that, it was a good series of articles to bring to NowPublic.
     ~  Swan

  Swan, I understand your position. But you have to understand my position. As a kid I was wearing the Magen David star with the inscription ‘Jude’, (in Belgium). I know exactly what it means. I do not think that hiding under the label ‘Symbol’ is useful. For me the Magen David is the real thing. It is a better policy to show and know what other do than to be surprised again.Thanks for the comment.

MPs and some municipalities backed off and installed smoking rooms for Veterans, figuring if they lived this long, it would only be a few years before they died anyways. What really got me going as an analyst at the time were “Special Interest Groups” who were up in arms, as per usual over allowing veterans to have smoking room, because they did not get their way and went to the media to overturn this decision.One thing I despise are Special Interest Groups and their Junk Science Polls, which stated Smokers were clearly the minority in this country, with only 1 in 10 being smokers,yadda, yadda, yadda. So ban cigarettes and increase the sin taxes for smokers and drinkers. The Liberal Government of course listened, becauselets face it, the Liberal run governments both provincial and federal and municipalities rely on Special Interest Groups input in the false sense they speak for all Canadians. We had Liberal MPs stomping on American flags with a flaccid Liberal Prime Minister doing nothing. All this from anti american info garnered from Canadian Special Interest Groups and Government Lackeys who listen.  Apparently they have never heard you should respect the office for they were elected by the people they represent, though you do not have to respect the person, per say.  Liberal did neither. Anyways so as not to go off topic.  I will stick to smoking bans.  Ottawa decided to agree with Special INterest Groups and this junk science poll and enforce smoking bans on hotels and bars, unfortunately, Junk Science and Special Interest Groups forgot to take into account in their polls that foreign tourism and their millions of dollars, a large number of these foreign tourists from Europe love their smokes, so in the end, businesses all over Ontario, bordering either the USA or Quebec and suffered when tourist saw non smoking in the hotel rooms and bars, yet businesses along the border and Quebec heavily advertised they allowed smoking, so guess where the tourists and their dollars went? Tourist went across the bridge to the states or to Hull, Quebec Hotels and did a booming Hotel and restaurant and bar business as the non smoking ban wasn’t in effect there until years later,  Ottawas Non smoking restaurants, bars , hotels and other public establishments were in an uproar as they lost business, or went bankrupt, as tourist season hit Americans,Asians, Canadians and Europeans would arrive at the Ottawa International Airport and head straight to Hull, Quebec, along with their tourist dollars. This played out pretty much the same in Canadian border towns.  Eventually Ottawa and border towns weathered the storm of the smoking ban and customers slowly came back to Ottawa especially once Quebec enforced the non smoking ban. But Ottawa and border towns still lost considerable amounts of business in the millions, of which some businesses never recovered. Funny thing is, Special Interest Groups and their Junk Science Statistics said Smokers were the minority, certainly belies what Ottawa, canadian border towns in Ontario and Hull,Quebec business owners state in their revenues certainly dispute that fact.

Oh yeah, reason why I know this as fact in case some dispute my account. I was with Revenue Canada in the Ministers Office, the millions and millions of money made and lost by these businesses for half a decade crossed my desk for review.

So with smokers quitting, sin taxes and business revenues collected by the government were reduced, the government wisely decided to get their lost revenue back somehow thanks to Special Interest Groups, hence raise taxes for everyone in Canada.  Though Health costs in Canada went down due to the smoking bans considerably, Taxpayers certainly did not see a reduction in Health premiums. In ending, The government will always get their pound of flesh, regardless, and they never give refunds.

And I am also a non smoker, for anyones info. Like I said, I only deal in facts. Special Interest Groups, deal in their own interests and no one elses.   The government wins either way.

Barry, the economic angle of the smoking ban, influencing  the direct daily income of many people and in many cases causing real tragedies, as you cleverly describe, only shows that the ban lack an equilibrum machanism to restore some normality to the smokers, non-smokers and their relevant relations as friends customers etc. What is planned without ‘planning’ finally finds his own ways as your comment and  my above post shows.Barry thanks for the comment and the flag.

good stuff:korzac, I like this story. It’s good stuff. I went to New York one week ago, and because of the Smoking ban, all smokers are smoking on the street. and I thought…then.. what is the point of smoking ban if non smokers are still able to smoke indirectly? and it is even worse on the street instead of certain indoor places like bar, cafe.. but I agree with Rob.. the less smokers the better.

Thanks for this great job!

chung sungwoo, I am not sure the number of smokers will really decrease. The tobacco establishment will do his best to prevent it, and the smokers, despite the warnings on the Cigarette packets and other tobacco packaging, continue to smoke with ‘serenity’.  Thanks for the comment and the flag.

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