Israel-Arab Middle East Telenovela

First episode: THE BOMB. (Olmert Netaniahu Ahaminejad.)Source here. (19/11/2007)




From the press.  ..”Iranians to resist till materializing nuclear right – Jannati.” …”Ayatollah Jannati considered ElBaradei’s report as a victory for the Iranian nation, congratulating them on the occasion, adding, “This victory was not achieved easily, since we have paved many perilous paths relying on the wise leadership of our Supreme leader and the resistance of our officials and people.”
He said, “If in the middle of that tough way we would have, God forbid, shown a green light to the enemy we would have never achieved this victory today, while we would have also been deprived of our natural right for ever, or for a long while.”
Jannati said, “ElBaradei’s report, that is an international proof on the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities, needs to be elaborated as much as possible for the different world nations and governments.”, see here  (Nov 23, 2007 IRNA).

..”On Tuesday, Iran released a letter addressed to the world’s top diplomats to argue its case in the deepening nuclear row with the West”…” The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in a report last week that Iran had made important strides towards clarifying past nuclear work, but admitted it was still enriching uranium on an industrial level, in defiance of the UN Security Council.”, see here,( 11.20.07).

Second episode: THE PROMISED LAND. (Olmert  Abbas meet to bridge gaps ahead of Annapolis). Source here. (20/11/2007)



From the press.      “More than 40 nations invited to Annapolis”…”White House: We recognize there won’t be any instant results”…”Majority of Palestinians want negotiations”… (11.20.07), see here.

 …”The Annapolis peace conference is doomed for failure and will only harm Palestinian interests, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday according to the IRNA news agency.”..see here.

Episode three: THE SPHINX. (Olmert, Mubarak: Saudi Arabia to attend Annapolis.) Source here. (21/11/2007)

olmert mubarak3

mubarak olmert

 From the press.    …”With the prime minister of Israel standing beside him, Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, gave his full endorsement today to the American-sponsored Middle East peace gathering in Annapolis, Md., next week, and raised hopes among Israeli officials of wider Arab participation in it.”…”Both Mr. Olmert and Mr. Mubarak noted that their meeting had taken place on the 30th anniversary of a historic address to the Israeli Parliament by the Egyptian president at the time, Anwar Sadat. Mr. Sadat’s initiative led to a 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. He was assassinated in 1981 by Islamist fundamentalists.”…”Mr. Olmert responded to anger in Israel over the fatal shooting of an Israeli civilian, Ido Zuldin, 29, in the northern West Bank by Palestinian militants late Monday night. It was proof, Mr. Olmert said, “that greater efforts are needed by the Palestinian Authority to fight terror more efficiently. The attack was “part of the efforts of terror elements to stymie the attempt to get to diplomatic dialogue,” he said. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by a group that associated itself with the Fatah faction headed by Mr. Abbas.”, see here.


Bush Olmert

From the press.     ..”The prospects for the talks received a boost yesterday when Arab League nations — including Saudi Arabia, a critical player — agreed to send high-level representatives to Annapolis. Now, on the eve of the conference, Rice’s desire to show forward movement on the Israeli-Palestinian front may test her seven-year partnership with Bush, with many in the Middle East watching to see whether the president demonstrates that Rice’s passion reflects his own.”.., see here

WHILE WRITING THIS POST I selected the following headlines from the the Haaretz news ticker, and more here, (23-24.11.2007). Those headlines shows in a nutshell the real difficulties underlying the above “Photo Telenovela”: 

 10:23 IDF troops kill two Palestinians near Gaza security fence (Reuters)
 09:39 Saudi Crown Prince Sultan meets Putin in Russia for talks on Iran, arms sale (AP)
 06:43 Twin suicide blasts kill at least 16 in Pakistani towns Rawalpindi, Islamabad (Reuters)
 05:26 Witnesses: Second blast hits bus near army camp near Islamabad (Reuters)
 05:25 Officials: Car bomb kills security officer outside Pakistan army headquarters (Reuters)
 04:09 U.S. firefighters being trained to take on a new role as lookouts for terrorism (AP)
 03:39 Rice: No question that Abbas believes in a nonviolent, negotiated solution (Haaretz)
 03:27 Rice: Israel-PA conflict must be resolved outside regional context (Haaretz)
 02:23 Bombs strike Baghdad pet market in, police checkpoint in northern Iraq; 28 killed (AP)
 01:13 U.S. federal authorities urge heightened awareness of Annapolis terror threats (AP)

 21:35 U.S. urges all parties in Lebanon political crisis to exercise restraint (AP) 
 21:07 Lebanese cabinet rejects Lahoud`s transfer of security control to army (AP) 
 20:49 U.S. welcomes Arab states` decision to attend Annapolis summit (AP) 
 20:30 Lebanon President declares state of emergency, orders army to take control (AP) 
 19:34 EU urges respect for Lebanese law, abstain of actions endangering citizens (Reuters) 
  18:05 Abbas: Israel, PA have failed to reach joint statement (Haaretz) 
 17:58 Gaza militants stage mass protest against Annapolis summit (AP) 
 17:15 Report: Syria says U.S. has agreed to put Golan on Annapolis agenda (Reuters) 
 16:44 Israel welcomes decision by Saudi FM to attend Annapolis summit (AP) 
  16:05 Three Qassam rockets fired from Gaza hit Negev; no injuries or damage (Israel Radio) 
 15:41 Taliban militants behead seven policemen in southern Afghanistan (AP) 
 15:20 Abbas backs Arab League demand that Golan be on Annapolis summit agenda (AP) 
 14:52 Saudi FM says he will attend next week`s Middle East peace conference (AP) 
  14:24 Arab league demands discussion on Golan Heights at Annapolis summit (Haaretz) 
  13:46 Lebanon`s presidential vote postponed to Nov. 30 (AP) 
  12:40 Arab states` FMs meet in Cairo over Arab League position for Annapolis (Israel Radio) 
 12:21 Iran rejects UN sanctions over its nuclear defiance as invalid (AP) 
 11:48 Bangladeshi writer targeted by Muslim protesters arrives in New Delhi (DPA) 
  10:19 Arab League chief: Israel won`t get `normalization for free` (AP) 
 09:57 Lebanese Parliament to make final bid to elect Pres. ahead of midnight deadline (AP) 
 08:53 Bomb strikes Baghdad pet market, killing at least 6, wounding dozens (AP) 
 08:20 Australian commando killed in clash with Taliban in Afghanistan (Reuters) 
 07:27 Florida police arrest Egyptian student after explosive chemicals found in car (AP) 
 06:37 IDF arrests overnight five militants in West Bank (Israel Radio) 
  02:28 Olmert: Keeping the status quo with the Palestinians endangers Israel (Haaretz) 
 01:59 Treasury submits amendment requiring housewives to pay health tax (Haaretz) 
 01:19 Israeli, Palestinian negotiators fail to reach final deal ahead of Annapolis (Haaretz) 

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