From Darpa’s insect cyborgs to Israel disrupting Syria’s radar

 Blade Runner

The future is here with insect cyborgs and the bioengineering of human cyborgs.

Darpa hatches plan for insect cyborgs to fly reconnaissance, (10/03/2007)….”Cyborg insects with embedded microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) will run remotely controlled reconnaissance missions for the military, if its ‘”HI-MEMS” program succeeds. Hybrid-Insect MEMS–a program hatched earlier this year at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa)–aims to harness insects the way horses were harnessed by the cavalry”…
…”Michigan is focusing on horned beetles, while MIT and Boyce Thompson are working with large moths,” said Darpa spokesman Jan Walker. “The program’s first major milestone is scheduled for January 2008, when the contractors have to demonstrate controlled, tethered flight of the insect.”… see more

What Darpa does for insects , the same Darpa does by funding work to drive rapid improvements in the mechanical aspects of artificial limbs. That is fueling a need for better electrodes, electronics and algorithms to capture control information from the brain to drive the mechanical devices.”.. see more.

What cyborg insects did with embedded microelectromechanical systems, running remotely controlled  in reconnaissance missions for the military, Israel did in a ‘more conventional’ way  by disrupting  Syria’s radar and air defense systems and render them ineffective during the  strike on Deir ez-Zor (?).  It was reported that Israel used an electronic device, installed in a plane that circled the area, to disrupt Syria’s defenses. see more

So it is not a so hypothetical idea to see the convergence of insect cyborgs with human cyborgs for near future warfare, somethings like a to day “Blade Runner” vision, where the Israeli electronic device will becomes obsolete.


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