After all Ahmadinejad did his job

After all Ahmadinejad did his job 

Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York reminds me the movie “The escape From New York“, Ahmadinejad escaped from the bad gays and returned to Iran as a crucified hero injecting new strength in his flock.   

Now what was the epicenter of his visit?
1-The show, staged in the Columbia university.

2-The intense media focus on his visit.

3- The perverse inoculation  as to the legitimacy of the holocaust.

4- Israel as a by product of global capitalist manipulation which can be reverse engineered until her elimination.

5-The Palestinian tragedy paying the price of western hegemony.

6- The ‘Iranian nuclear research’ as a natural prerogative.

 The radical audiences, especially in Arab countries and Europe, starring at the US-Columbia show, the bastion of democracy, where despite his sweat wipping,  no question really disturbed him, his answers adressed, beyond the heads of his detractors, to his real  audience the Islamic moderate and radical states and the opposers of globalisation distributed all over the world.

So, after a second though, I have the feeling, that after all he did his job very well.
The following sources are ‘footnotes’ to this feeling .

Published:  10.01.07, 13:54 / Israel Opinion.By Sever Plocker. (Ynet)
Ahmadinejad’s American friends.
..”For 95 percent of Americans, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to the US was unnecessary, ridiculous and humiliating”…”But there is reason for concern. Ahmadinejad concocted his messages slyly, weaving a web of lies, half truths and truths that part of the American elite and Bush’s opponents can identify with”……”Just a few days after the Iranian president’s visit to the US, his sermons are beginning to seep into the minds of the progressive American intelligentsia. They are the five percent who made an effort to listen to him, and whose influence is extensive.” see more.

Similarities Between Bush and Ahmadinejad
Jamil Theyabi     Al-Hayat     – 02/10/07// (Lebanon}
….”There is a public US-Iranian fight in the Middle East ring. A clear difference in political temperament between Presidents Bush and Ahmadinejad. However, they share similarities. Both of them were elected for similar motives”….”In terms of political categories, Ahmadinejad and Bush both belong to the far right and are confident in the ability of spiritual men to make decisions in some political matters”….Presidents Bush and Ahmadinejad are speaking on the basis of positions and views that are based on religion and doctrine. The first thinks Israel’s protection is a matter of doctrine and probably believes in the theory that the army coming to destroy Israel will go through Iraq- so he beefed up the fleets and military bases in the region in order to protect and support Israel. For his part, Ahmadinejad believes Israel’s annihilation will come at the hands of the “Army for the Liberation of Jerusalem”, to quote Khomeini, the leader of the Iranian revolution, who declared, “The road to Jerusalem passes through Karbala.”…
see more.

Associated Press Published:  09.28.07, 17:21 / Israel News (Ynet)
Ahmadinejad invites Bush to speak in Tehran.
“After being welcomed in New York with protests and a scolding from the president of Columbia University, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday extended an invitation to US President George W. Bush.” see here.

Associated Press Published:  09.27.07, 11:00 / Israel News (Ynet)
Iran reformist warns democracy at stake.
Top reformist Mohsen Mirdamadi says demonizing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at his visit to Columbia University only strengthens his political agenda.
see here.

By Associated Press
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
   TEHRAN, Iran – One of Iran’s top reform politicians said Wednesday that demonizing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — such as in this week’s Columbia University forum — only strengthens hard-liners’ hand as Iranians rally around their otherwise unpopular leader.
   He told The Associated Press that Ahmadinejad should have little chance of re-election in two years because of increasing criticism that he has failed to fix the economy and has hurt Iran on the world stage.
   But sharp criticism of the hard-line leader this week in New York — including during his appearance at Columbia — boosts his popularity, Mirdamadi said in an exclusive interview, see here.