Indonesians tune in to digital Koran

 Curan plyer

The Koran goes digital.

JAKARTA (Reuters) – With her tiny earphones and slim digital player, Jakarta office worker Mira Indriarti looks like any other young music lover — only she’s not listening to the latest tunes, but to a recording of the Koran.

Digital Koran is increasingly popular in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, where such gadgets sell especially well during the fasting month of Ramadan when religious fervor is high and reading the scripture is an essential part of the observance.

Indriarti said she bought the gadget because she wanted to study the Koran to be a better Muslim.

“I can listen to the recital or read the verses and the translation anywhere,” she said. “It’s uncomfortable if I read a Koran book on the bus and people around me may look at me in amazement.”

The device, the size of an iPod digital player, carries the entire text of the Koran, in Arabic with an Indonesian translation, and its audio recitation. Fans say it provides a handy alternative to the bulky printed version of the holy book.

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