The Ties between Syria and North Korea


MAP Tartus

Experts from the Sunday Times.
The ties between North Korea and Syria.
“…In recent months, Kim Jong Il and Bashar Assad have quietly ordered an increase in military and technical co-operation which has caught the attention of western and Israeli intelligence.”…
“…Syria possesses the biggest missile arsenal and the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the Middle East, built up over the last two decades with arms bought from North Korea. North Korea, which exploded a nuclear device in October last year, has become critical to Syria’s plans to enhance and upgrade its weapons. Syria’s liquid fuelled Scud-C missiles depend on “essential foreign aid and assistance, primarily from North Korean entities,” said the CIA in a report to the US Congress in 2004. “…
…”The triangular relationship between North Korea, Syria and Iran continues to perplex diplomats and intelligence analysts.”…
…”One fact is that Syria has served as a conduit for the transport to Iran of an estimated 50 mln pounds worth of missile components and technology sent by sea from North Korea to the Syrian port of Tartous, diplomats said.”…
…’The next day, in a message that went largely un-noticed as the United States commemorated September 11, 2001, the North Koreans condemned the Israeli action as “illegal” and “a very dangerous provocation.”…. see here.

From “Today’s Zaman” 14.09.2007
“War and provocation”
“The most important event of the last week seems to be the alleged aggression by Israel on Syrian soil. Syrian authorities reported that Israeli warplanes violated the border and bombed Tall al-Abyad.”… see here.

North Korea dropped out from the axis of evil (Iran, Syria) but under the hood export nuclear commodities to Syria. 

Tall al Abya 

Map Tall al Abya