Make your own Simpson avatars


Make your avatars on the Simpson site.

Download to your computer.

 Open in Photoshop.

 avatars photoshop

Open ‘New’ and drag into the working picture.

make avatars 2 

 Assemble, crop and add whatever you want,  as your best skills with Photoshop.                                                   

make avatars 3 


Transform your avatar with the use of the warp tool (Photoshop CS2).


Open the image in photoshop.


Choise the warp tool.


Transform the avatar until you like what you see.


The final outcome …


See here : avatars before transformed in something else..


See here : A brief history of my avatar. A brief vistory of my avatat


Another finished exemple.

For more complex picture see on the blog.


From the original Simpson avatar:


I make the following image:


Go to Simpson Avatars 2 on this blog.

Go to Avatars, Photoshop and Warp Tool on this blog.


Make your own avatars on the Simpon site.


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