A Technicality: changing Theme.

To my readers and visitors:

I change my PressRow theme to the Cutline theme, both coded by Chris Pearson, Otherwise the blog remains the same blog as before.

UPDATE: To may great surprise and dismay I found that my new Cutline theme has been changed to the Coraline theme. A quote from an angry blogger is very close to my own feelings :

..”Other than that, it looks like WordPress dropped the ball, eh?  I mean, I’m still a bit stunned, after all this  changing of  the Cutline theme to Coraline. I log in and everything is changed.  My theme is gone. A new one in it’s place, and all my sidebar stuff has disappeared!  And NO..they were not in the “inactive widgets” pane, either.”…read more on the Pill Dust Logic blog

Tel Aviv, A Lonely Magical Musical Moment

In the evening. Tel Aviv and the Yarkon ‘river’. An anonymous lonely pretty good saxophonist playing jazz with playback… and a bystander armed with a digital camera to catch the magic of the moment,,,

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