A Search Already Buried in You

Here is the accompanying description of my video “The Inevitable Search 1939-1945”:

“Many times a short movie is like a drawing shaping itself into a durable memory. However I suspect that some storage cells in my brain..prepared
this inevitable encounter… or is it merely a perpetual ongoing search.”

…And searching something new is already a guess that it is already “Buried in You” . That is weird? But no. It is the common procedure of arranging known things in an unknown manner. It is the recombination of events sound and pictures.. It is the faking of redundancy. It is a tautology. But it is always a big surprise.

I like Google’s Chrome browser

I never post anythings about browsers. But this time, for Chrome, the brand new beta Google browsers, I made an exception. The cause is that I like his spartan almost ‘nude’ graphic look . Usually the graphic look of all the important browsers like IE7 , Firefox3 , Opera9.5 and Safari   is based on the same graphical principles: like in a good car design all the steering tools are crowded  around the driver seat to achieve maximum availability and comfort.
'Ghost World',Clowes
To my great surprise Chrome  does exactly the opposite, there is nothing to see, the design is minimalist, the main tools being the tabs and the address bar, also serving as the search bar. Is this comfortable? Well after some surfing to understand ‘the ghost machine’, I forget about toolbars, status bar and explorer bar.They are hidden but you now where they are if you need them.
The minimalist look of Chrome reminds me of Daniel Clowes’s comics ‘Ghost World’. The same neat not overcrowded line, the empty space in the drawings. Chrome’s release is supported by a comics booklet beautifully done by Scott McCloudl , explaining how the browser works.
 My first impression was the incredible fast surfing experienced, something like surfing…with ease, in the fresh air, on vacancy, far away from the dreadfully heavily armed browsers.
 Will all this be enough to storm the average user who is used to work with his own preferred browsers ? I guess that as a first step, like me, many Internet surfers will be impressed. It is up to Google to add more tools (the older browsers are equipped with), but with the same discrete and hidden design, not to interfering with the freshness of the surfing experience, wich is all the fun.