I the Lucky Dystopian Survivor in a Utopian Poland

Utopia, in  my “naive” view, is a striving to some unachievable  goal. In my case : “Genealogy, documents identity, memories and  new ceremonial protocols  of the Holocaust”, seen in a broader perspective, are such very remote impossible goals.

And why ….

From a Polish “Utopic” point of view after WW2, the aiming at a renewed beautiful present and normal future, in the form of many activities taking place in Poland today, are in many instances, the after effects of the Holocaust,  and therefore are in conflict with the Jewish point of view, because they are taking place in an Dystopian Poland , where almost no Jews where left from the three millions living there before war..

However, from a local point of view, the reconstruction of Jewish cemeteries,  the Jewish studies in the Polish universities, see here and here, are absolutely legitimate goals in themselves. And in the same vain are the Jewish active people from abroad and Israel, merging with their Polish partners into the same localization (Lodz, Zdunska Wola, Krakow etc.), see here.  But what is totally forgotten is what I identified as the global Polish Dystopian-Utopian actual  reality.

This forgetfulness is bests seen in “Berek, a film by Artur Zmijewski, the Polish visual artist, filmmaker and photographer, see here, and he wrote:

“The film Berek (Game of Tag) was made in 1999. In it a group of people play a kid’s game. They are naked, they run around, they laugh a lot. But they are also very serious. They know where they are—in the gas chamber of a former Nazi extermination camp. Berek is about a part of history that is treated as “untouchable” and about overly painful memories, when the official commemorations of this history are not enough. The murdered people are victims—but we, the living, are also victims. And as such we need a kind of treatment or therapy, so we can create a symbolic alternative; instead of dead bodies we can see laughter and life. Berek is about how we can engage with this brutal history and work with imposed memory. It’s possible to have active access to history, and to attempt to emancipate ourselves from the trauma…”


Source, see here

 And here is another quote:
 ….Anthropologist Joanna Tokarska-Bakir, see here, recently sent me a comment on the controversy”

 It’s interesting how the whole issue with Berek explodes now. The video is old. I would emphasize the fact that it is a way of breaking with the kitsch of the Holocaust—which is presented as the guardian of memory, while at the same time that very memory is destroyed, ensuring that the Holocaust would remain a Jewish-only issue. Your video is a way of dealing with the violent appropriation of the Holocaust—through a shock re-coding of that which has become congealed in the solemn interpretations controlled by the “high priests”.

 I would also say that—and I feel it more than ever—all of us, who feel there is still a lot left to say, find it more and more difficult to reach the audience, as nobody wants to hear about the Shoah anymore. Phenomena as excessive as the Holocaust and its representations can never take their proper place there   is always too little or too much of them

This more global  view, into witch our (Polish and Jewish) local activities are embedded, leads (me) to an almost impossible situation of choice: to be local or global in Poland



Mother’s Imprint on the Environment


I remember having read a book by SF author Greg Egan named “Quarantine” where incredible things occur: …

“This mod allows the user to stop being an observer in the sense of quantum mechanics and consequently to “smear”, i.e. to exist in a superposition of different states at the same time and to pick eigenstates of personal preference from the range of possible states, when the personal wave function is collapsed.”….see here.,

This seems a little bit perplexing if meanwhile not feasible, but is actually a good start to no lesser perplexing matters like the following story..

…I always asked myself what is there beyond the things I am witnessing in my everyday life? Or perhaps… am I being witnessed by some dark force, you know those monsters looking at you from the nowhere darkness, for whom I am their everyday life..

Apparently there are such little monsters, they are named photons not looming from the darkness but creating light. They are the true members of the  ‘quantum mechanics’ theory and they look and monitor  me from my birth until my last  breath.

Now what has  this  Film Noir preamble to do with my future exhibition at the Kibbutz Gallery in Tel Aviv?

Well it has. By some metaphorical magic, if  my drawings and prints  are to have a meaning about the emerging  of my mother Gitel into my everyday life and about their emerging before your eyes as visitors in the gallery, then the exhibition “Mother as an Imprint on the Environment” has to point to the underpinning weirdness named decoherence, telling us how such an appearance is made possible with the help of those  little monsters.

To put us in the mood of what these little photon monsters do, I quote from the article  “Decoherence is our ticket out of the quantum world”  published in 1999, see here,  giving the big picture of this emerging in a nutshell :

…” ‘We live in a sea of photons, for example, and interact with some small fraction of them. So the environment is in some sense in a constant process of monitoring objects,’ Zurek said… …’Decoherence provides a menu of allowed states; it’s a selection process that disallows flagrantly quantum states of macroscopic objects,’ Zurek said.”…

W. Zurek one of the most  prominent theoretical physicist is trying to elucidate the weirdness of the  transition from the quantum world to our everyday classical world. He  propose a very captivating view,  where the little quantum monsters  as the mysterious agents of  quantum physics cause our apparent  perception of reality, and  in particular, how and why I perceive my mother Gitel after her ‘transition from the quantum-to-classical world’…a very weird phrase for describing her motherly earthiness..,  for more see here

So if I take his words for granted then my mother, as a macroscopic person (state), cannot be in a quantum state of many possibilities and indeed, without to much surprise, I see her definitely classically as photos and prints in one place and not in a paranoid simultaneous two place position.

….. From here on, with the help of an amnesiac state of mind and  with some extrapolation I imagined and imaged a metaphorical  quantum-to-classical voyage with the benevolent help of the underpinning  decoherence story,  depicting the  transition of my quantum mother to her earthly classical mother form.

So,  the whole thing lives now in about 45  drawings and prints on paper made with inkjet printer, pencils, colors and other accessories..  look at the following pictures as a sample:

To view the full images, please qlick on the pictures,

Mother in a flagrant superposition of  two of her possible states,,, reduced to classical pencils paper ocher…prints states.

…. my young mother beyond my everyday life depicted in a sea of  little photon monsters, presumably in one of her possible quantum states  and being monitored by the yellow head until instantly she decohere into a classical definitive state…… reduced to Rives print paper, inkjet colors, monitor pixels as representing the little photon monsters…

…. And finally mother emerge in my classical everyday classical life….Photos, 110 year old, from my mother in Zdunska Wola in Poland. Sepia color, staged in the light of a real gallery in Tel Aviv.

‘Bon Voyage’…

A Jewish State in Germany as an Artwork

In the name of ART everything is possible. Ron Edelman a graduate student at an art university in Weimar, relying heavily on this axiom, proposes to launch an alternative Jewish state in Germany in the state of Thuringia with the town of Weimar as capital, about 10 km from Buchenwald, the Nazi concentration camp.


“Magav in Weimar”, Ron Edelman.

I quote from the Israeli newspaper “haaretz”, 

….”Whenever someone launches an initiative towards establishing a Jewish state in addition to the one already in existence, there is invariably a ripple effect. This time, however, an even bigger stir than usual has been caused by the proposed site of the “second Israel”: Germany.”…

…”Ronen Eidelman, a journalist who espouses politically leftist views and is currently completing his masters studies at an art university in Weimar, says the movement that he heads is in fact his final academic project.”…

…” One of the motivating factors which compelled Eidelman to conceive of his idea was the famous speech delivered by Iran’s president calling for the elimination of the state of Israel and the establishment of a Jewish-run entity in an alternate location in Europe. ‘It’s clear that Ahmadinejad is an anti-Semite and Holocaust denier and not some great theoretician, but he touched upon a very exposed nerve.’A video academic work produced by the artist Yael Bartana, which depicts a Polish member of parliament calling on the Jews to return to Poland (“We miss you”), served as the tipping point for Eidelman.

‘The state of Thuringia is becoming more empty of people, the economy is not successful, and there is no immigration,” Eidelman said. “They’re hurting from the fact that there are no foreigners here. Hitler’s dream of racially pure states has proven to be a nightmare. You walk down the street and notice all the girls look alike. I’m going to convince the Germans that a Jewish state here is to their benefit.’ “ see more.

The ‘haaretz’ ‘s article also mention’s another Israeli artist Yael Bertana whose video work, “Mary Koszmary” (Nightmares), , presented at the Foksal Gallery Foundation was the trigger to Edelsman video, Yael Bertana’s wants to import 3 million of Jews to Poland and in one scene a Polish member of parliament says ” We are missing you” :

See here for the full scene.

In the Middle East, the law of improbable events becoming real events, works overtime : perhaps Ron Edelman will import a Jewish state to Goethe’s Weimar and Yael Bertana resurrect 3 million of Polish Jews, both in the name of Art..