Requiem for a Defunkt Startup State

 Five scenes… associative, distributive…building a hack into….

Requiem Hack..
Requiem Hack..


Marcel Thougths, Salomon Zdunska, Joseph Wola, Marie Awagne, Tovah Djalochinsky, Sarah Bleekhoof…

Event in Z.W.
Event in Z.W.



First Scene:

Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people share their interest in tinkering with technology, meet and work on their projects, and learn from each other. is an informal volunteer network of such spaces, maintaining community services – including a wiki for everyone who wants to share their hackerspace stories and questions, mailing lists, XMPP services, a blog and a feed aggregator, and many others. From around the world, hackers meet on the Freenode IRC channel #hackerspaces.

Waiting in Zdunska Wola
Waiting in Zdunska Wola

Second Scene:


Tel Aviv Makers Intl. (TAMI) is currently the largest hackerspace in Israel. We are an active community of about two dozen hackerspace members, and many more visitors and friends. TAMI is home to many activies ranging from hardware, electronics and woodworking to free and open-source software, biology and food hacking.

The space is open almost all the time, 24/7. Members have keys, and visitors are always welcome!

Event in Z.W.
Event in Z.dunska Wola

Thirt Scene:





“It’s a stinking world because there’s no

law and order any more. It’s a stinking

world because it lets the young get onto

the old like you done. It’s no world for

an old man any more. What sort of a world

is it at all? Men on the moon and men

spinning around the earth and there’s not

no attention paid to earthly law and order

no more.  see here


Code Zdunska Wola 2015

Code Zdunska Wola 1941


My "Many Worlds": an Event...

Fourth Scene


…..research into a cultural universe that seems, like its physical counterpart, to be expanding at an increasing rate.

“The intensity of Boucher’s musical obsessions can make her seem like a mad pop scientist. On her bustling Tumblr page, she keeps track of her research into a cultural universe that seems, like its physical counterpart, to be expanding at an increasing rate. Her followers might encounter a snippet from the Japanese soundtrack composer Yoko Kanno, or a fan-made video set to the music of the electronic producer Aphex Twin, or a recent Selena Gomez single—which, Boucher has discovered, sounds particularly arresting in a car equipped with subwoofers. In her own songs, Boucher takes delight in rewriting the old music-industry story of the female performer in the spotlight and the male mastermind behind the curtain. “It’s like I’m Phil Spector, and then there’s Grimes, which is the girl group,” she says. She got her start in Montreal, part of an underground experimental-music scene, but now she herself is the experiment, as she tries to figure out what “pop star” means in 2015, and whether she might become one.”

see HERE

Event in Z.W.
Event in Z.W.

Fith Scene:

Do Iranian Clerics Dream of …..or

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? see here

“In August 2015, shortly after the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran, the supreme Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei published a book of 416 pages under the title Palestine. The book carries one central message: the urge to annihilate the state of Israel and establish the state of Palestine in its stead. According to Amir Taheri, who got hold of the book early, the three key words are: “nabudi,” which means “annihilation,” “imha,” which means “wiping,” and “zaval,” meaning “effacement.”

Khamenei claims that his strategy for the destruction of Israel is based on “well-established Islamic principles” one of which is that a land that falls under Muslim rule can never again be ceded to non-Muslims. He provides various reasons why Israel, which he terms “adou” and “doshman” (enemy), should be destroyed. First because it is the loyal ally of “the American Great Satan,” second because it has waged wars against Muslims on various occasions, and finally because it occupies the third holiest city to Islam: Jerusalem.

In what has become standard language in the anti-Semitic jargon, Khamenei describes Israel as “a cancerous tumor” whose elimination would mean that “the West’s hegemony and threats will be discredited” in the Middle East. In its place, he boasts, “the hegemony of Iran will be promoted.” The message is hardly a subtle one.

The timing of the publication was no coincidence. It was meant to celebrate Iran’s victory over the “Great Satan,” the United States, and more specifically the “Little Satan,” Israel, which had worked assiduously to forestall the nuclear deal. To propagate his message all over the world, he then prophesized that Israel would cease to exist within 25 years.” See HERE



The New Apartheid Expert: Pink Floyd Frontman Roger Waters..says..

Amid the  Human Rights cataclysm overthrowing all the venerable despotic regimes in the Middle East, I heard on , the ‘brave words’ of Roger Waters the Pink Floyd frontman.

Interviewed by Riz Khan he says among other things (or vagaries)  that he is against Israel’s apartheid regime, that he is not antisemitic but against occupation. He also says that …”They’re annexing huge parts of the West Bank. So all this talk is they’re quietly getting on with taking over the whole of the land, and what happens then to the Palestinians?”…see here on YNET (Roger Waters: Join Israel boycott)

The "Catbird Seat" site: "We are committed to exposing the Zionist Lobbies control of American policy for the Middle East."

(Photo from the “Catbird Seat” site, holding the credo: “We are committed to exposing the Zionist Lobbies control of American policy for the Middle East.”)

It would be futile to try to argue with Roger Water that in any true agreement  almost 90 % of the West Bank is and remains Palestinian, see here (former American President Clinton) and here (former Israeli PM Olmert)

It would also be futile to tell Roger Water that his attempt to transplant South Africa’s apartheid to Israel is nothing more than a lack of total understanding of what the real apartheid was. For a more impartial view see here on Wikipedia “Israel and the Apartheid Analogy”.

Perhaps you forgot,  Mr Waters: the late British Empire reigned in Palestine for many decades. Your enlightened kingdom is the father of a brutal colonialism and of every possible form of occupation. Remember the ship Exodus, the Jewish emigrants swapping the Nazi concentration camps for  the British Empire concentration camps  in Cyprus. Here the demarcation ‘wall’ was the ocean..

Now again, it is futile to think that such historical facts deserve any consideration when you are being interviewed on AlJazeera and become a self appointed expert on apartheid, occupation and walls.

( The musical Pink Floyd ‘..Wall” was pretty better..)

Now, If we quote explicitly from the “Israel and the Apartheid Analogy” article then people with much more credits (than Roger Waters) about what apartheid was and is, denounce his falsification of the reality in the West Bank, long before he gave his last concert in Israel:

Malcolm Hedding, a South African minister who worked against South African apartheid, believes the barrier fence has nothing to do with apartheid and everything to do with Israel’s self-defense. He said that Israel has proven its desire to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians while granting political rights to its own Arab citizens within a liberal democratic system, but that the Palestinians remain committed to Israel’s destruction. By contrast, he says, it was a tiny minority in South Africa that held power and once democracy came, the Nationalist Party that had dominated the masses disappeared

.”Sudanese human rights activist Simon Deng has also criticized Tutu for referring to Israel as an apartheid state, stating that Arabs in Israel enjoy a variety of rights that blacks in apartheid-era South Africa did not, including the right to vote, and that Palestinians are only stopped at checkpoints to prevent attacks. Deng asks why Tutu criticizes Israel for apartheid policies it does not have, but ignores actual apartheid practices in other countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and especially his own country Sudan.”..

BTW, if talking about the checkpoints in the west bank they are greatly reduced because of the cooperation of the Palestinian and the Israeli to maintain the security needs of both sides.. I quote:

…”Israel says it has significantly reduced the number of roadblocks in the territories since they peaked some five years ago when terrorist attacks were more prevalent and the security barrier between Israel and the Palestinian Authority had not yet been completed. Today, there are 13 roadblocks around Jerusalem and some 40 others, most of these on the border, but also a number in the heart of the West Bank. “..

…“The days of long lines don’t exist anymore. The IDF has learned the lessons and has even set up special units to deal with roadblocks,” Lt.-Col. Avital Leibovitz, an IDF spokeswoman, told The Media Line. “The lines of the past years you don’t see anymore. Of course, you can wait sometimes for 20 minutes, but that can happen to you in any traffic jam.”…see here for the full article “Palestinians turn to technology to avoid roadblocks”.

Roger Waters, as a new member on the list of celebrities boycotting Israel, you are a member of a minority group, and as such you have the right to say what you want. But I would expect from such a good musician to make better home work before he is interviewed on AlJazeera by Riz Khan.

Photo source: ‘MIX

The Palestinian Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Game

(Source here)

After the ignoble Palestinian terrorist  attack, in which  the Fogel  family – father, mother and their 3 little children from the Itamar settlement, where brutally massacred in their sleep, you ask yourself: how can you make pace with such an horde of predators?

It seems that in the aftermath  of the massacre, Arab-Israeli Lawmaker Ahmed Tibi,   pretty well understood that this sort of satanic ‘heroism’ is the shortest road to nothing including the nothingness of a Palestinian state, so he says:

“The Palestinian nation is ashamed”… and more… “A struggle must be moral, conscionable and fair. There are rules to the struggle against the occupation.”see here “Tibi: Palestinians ashamed of Itamar attack”

Now here is a curious historical event dating from 1921, concerning another facet of the Israeli-Arab conflict, and related in some way to the impossible road taken by those assassins who call themselves freedom fighters..

Contrary to my practice I will quote integrally this little piece of history found on IsraCast and named “Winston Churchill on Palestine” :

( Photo credits: on Google and Flicker)

…In March 1921, twenty six years before the The United Nations General Assembly voted to partition Palestine,  Mr. Winston Churchill visited Palestine and met a delegation of Muslim leaders. They protested that the ultimate objective of political Zionism was to give the natural resources of Palestine to the Jews. They pointed out that the Arabs had occupied Palestine for over a thousand years. They asked Churchill to use his influence to correct what they considered a great injustice.

‘You ask me to repudiate the Balfour Declaration and to stop (Jewish) immigration. This is not in my power … and it is not my wish … It is manifestly right that the scattered Jews should have a national center, and a national home to be re-united, and where else but in Palestine, with which for three thousand years they have been intimately and profoundly associated?
We think it will be good for the world, good for the Jews, good for the British Empire, but also good for the Arabs who dwell in Palestine…they shall share in the benefits and progress of Zionism.
I am told the Arabs would have done it for themselves. Who is going to believe that? Left to themselves, the Arabs of Palestine would not in a thousand years have taken effective steps toward the irrigation and electrification of Palestine. They would have been quite content to dwell–a handful of philosophic people– in the sun-scorched plains, letting the waters of the Jordan continue to flow unbridled and unharnessed into the Dead Sea!”

Well isn’t here more than irony in Churchill’s proposal that the Palestinian ..”share in the benefits and progress of Zionism.”?

I wouldn’t go so far. The Palestinians, I would like to believe, know very well that  there are many forms of cooperation , see here for instance:

..”On the side of the Jordan Valley road the extensive agricultural activity is visible from afar. Dozens of greenhouses and long lines of palm trees add ornamentation to the roadside view and demonstrate the economic cooperation between Israel and the Palestinians, which is carrying on quietly, far from political problems.”..

…”According to Snokrut (former Palestinian Economy Minister), ‘This is an Israeli-Palestinian connection that has created trust between the two sides. We are working with no enemies here. We have joint creation with many companies from the Israeli economy – we buy their technology and seedlings and through them export to Europe and the US and even have Israeli agronomists here.’ “…see more:  “Joining forces on agriculture”.

So, President Mahmoud Abbas and PM Fayyad, make your own Palestinian choice : to be Dr. Jekyll or to be Mr. Hyde… The game is open.

Tomato greenhouse in Jordan Valley (Photo: Elior Levy).

Arab Terrorism and Israeli Cartoons

There are many ways to laughing at ourselves. One of them is dark humor: if your life is in hell or if you feel miserable have a good laugh and perhaps you feel better.
The dark humor of  “Ahmed and Salim“, a South Park-style cartoon that makes fun of Palestinian terrorists, is supposed to mock terrorists without ridiculing Muslims, and may  provoke your uproarious burst of laughter, boosting  your blood stream to such a degree that your health will only benefit from it.
The Israeli team Tom Trager and Or Paz create this provocative humoristic animated web series, describing the life of an Arab arch-terrorist and his two sons ‘Ahmed and Salim’.  Their web sitcom is becoming increasingly popular with surfers, while at same time stirring much controversy,  see here.
 Well the United Arab Emirates officials have blocked the Israeli-based cartoon Ahmed and Salim from showing on YouTube in that country. Nothing new about that, see here. They blocks anything from Israel, a true Pavlov reflex.
 Tania Tabar’s article “Israeli ‘South-Park’ style cartoon mocks Arabs” was published by Menassat, a Lebanese site. The verb ” to mock” is a trap of pejorative meanings. And indeed, the author in his indirect way, quickly take advantage of that , to show us that dark humor, despite being directed only against Arab terrorism, is synonym of global racism against all the Arabs in the world…Nothing new about that either, see here. I hope that  the learned author didn’t mean that all the Arabs are terrorists..?
 But if we want to delve into carton dark humor, then the omnipresent Google search provides us with his statistical insight about the verb “to mock”.  The phrase “Cartoons mocks anyone” in Google’s search,  outputs,  that mocking Arab terrorism is not only their  privilege but that anyone mocks  anyone and anything… not a great surprise.
 The first 20 entries, from1,050,000 entries in 0.29 seconds, upgraded our knowledge with titles like” Iranian TV Mocks U.S., Britain“, “Washington Post Cartoon Mocks Pentecostal Speaking in Tongues“, “ Crude Palestinian Cartoons Mock America“, “Christians AGAINST Cartoons“… to cite only a few, until the last unknown entry.
So the Israeli team’s contribution is only a drop in the sea of mocking cartoons. A Palestine blogger, Sameh Akram Habeeb, suffering from a mysterious blindness about what dark humor is declare  “These videos are dangerous and full of lies”…”I’ve never met someone like the cartoon character of Ahmed and Salim’s father. And of course, the authors never once mention the existence of thousands of Palestinian prisoners. “…see here.
To this can only be said that I too didn’t met such a real character. They live only in the realm of dark humor, made in Israel by Tom Trager and Or Paz. Only there you met them, ridiculous… or as they said.. ”  if you can take a good look at them without being afraid. Ahmed and Salim are just two nice naive kids who are just trying to make their terrorist father happy. ” see here.
Their real counterpart, a relative small group of Palestinian terrorist live in our real live, hiding in their own natural darkness. To  perpetuate their terroristic goals they dond’ need any sense of humor. …, and as to the Palestinian prisoners: don’t do terrorism and there will be no need to imprison them, mister Habeeb.

Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew

” Israel kills 2 militants in Gaza – Hamas( 12.24.07)
(I quote)…’Air strike on car traveling near al-Bureij refugee camp kills two Islamist group members, wounds two more’…’Israel has killed more than 20 militants in the past two weeks in increased military action in the coastal territory.” …, see here.

This is the daily (sad) chronicle of belligerence along the Gaza Strip border. As any warfare system, to achieve such precise results, it needs Intelligence.

The Israeli Mossad and Shabak (Hebrew) have a good reputation as intelligence agencies. These everyday clashes between the Hamas and the IDF in the Gaza strip shows how updated or perhaps streaming intelligence, targets in real time the Hamas  men on their way to launching the qassams into Israel.
As a matter of fact, this is a situation where the countries  surrounding Israel, strive to get their own intelligence on Israel.


Ronen Bergman, Israeli security and intelligence analyst, in an Article from  07.31.07, wrote … “The ‘intelligence war’ between Iran and Israel is gaining momentum, as both countries’ intelligence services are increasing efforts to recruit Hebrew and Farsi speakers to their ranks.”..”The Iranian regime needs Hebrew speakers to work as translators, intelligence agents and as part of its propaganda machine against Israel. The main source of Hebrew speakers is Palestinian students studying abroad or Palestinian terrorists sent for military training in Iran and Lebanon.”.. “One of the most prominent centers for Hebrew studies is located at Iran’s embassy in Beirut, where Hezbollah members learn Hebrew at the  Education  Center”, see here, …

“Meanwhile (I quote), Israel’s Mossad  agency on Tuesday published an ad in the country’s largest daily newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, inviting Israelis who speak fluent Farsi to join its ranks. The Persian-speaking Mossad recruits would presumably be responsible for translating intercepted Iranian transmissions and materials published by the regime in Tehran.”…see here, (July 31, 2007).

Now, Egyptian universities do the same, …”More than 10 Egyptian Universities currently offer Hebrew courses, usually as part of Oriental Language faculties that also teach Turkish and Persian.
Two major Egyptian universities, Ain Shams University and al-Azhar University, even boast a separate Hebrew language faculty. This is a major accomplishment, especially in universities that are considered bastions of strong anti-Israel sentiments.”…(12.20.07), see here.

Ain Shams

Other countries, on their official public intelligence  sites, advertise for linguists jobs in the Middle East languages.

The MI6 (UK) is also recruting Linguist Careers in SIS (MI5) (From on 05.06.06) ..”We are currently recruiting linguists with skills in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Chinese.. .”, see here.

The MI5(UK) is also recruting in his language unit…”The Security Service protects our society from terrorist threats. To do so we need to recruit people from all the diverse communities we serve.”…” Arabic (all dialects, particularly North African), Kurdish Central (Kurdi, Sorani),…. Somali, and Persian.”…see here.
The NSA (National Security Agency, USA) is recruting: …” Career Paths in Foreign Language NSA is particularly interested in individuals who are proficient in Asian or Middle Eastern languages. We are looking for those with the following language capabilities Arabic, Persian-Farsi .”,(Among other languages), see here.
…”The FBI (USA) needs  to English-speaking candidates with a professional-level language fluency in, between other languages, Arabic, Farsi , Hebrew, …”, see here.

Today (12.24.07) Ynet publishes an article on  a “Study compiled by US Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)”..that.. “explores several hypothetical scenarios for unconventional warfare in our region… ….”Given certain conditions, Israel could potentially survive such a nuclear scenario, the study found. Iran, on the other hand, would be completely and utterly obliterated. ‘Iranian recovery is not possible in the normal sense of term, though Israeli recovery is theoretically possible in population and economic terms,’ wrote Cordesman, who compiled this study entitled ‘Iran, Israel, and Nuclear War’.”…see here.
This is meanly a future “What if” option study, well organized ,explanatory and frightening, based on know nuclear warfare factors, where  ‘intelligence on the spot’ and direct need of Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew languages is of lesser use , see here for the original study (pdf 2,2MB)
On the other hand, in contrast to the cited report, here is another headline from the “Jerusalem Post”,  ‘PA official: IDF has infiltrated Izzadin Kassam’ (Dec 24, 2007).
..”Israel has managed to infiltrate Hamas’s armed wing, Izzadin Kassam, by recruiting some of it members as ‘collaborators,’ Palestinian Authority security officials revealed Sunday. “, see here….. Here the direct use of Arabic and Hebrew languages is a necessity, if precise targeting of the moves of man, ammunition and cars is the goal.
It seems that the need  to intensifying the Farsi and Arabic studies, is today beyond question, if one wants streaming ‘Human’ intelligence from inside Iran or any other Islamic threat.
Iz Adin al Qassam
Iz Adin al Qassam. Islamic fundamentalist, , and Gazan folk hero, killed by the British colonial rulers of Palestine in the 1930’s.
As a footnote  I append here on February 10, 2010 it can be said the (targeted..) killing of Iz Adin al Qassam in the 1930’s was already a know procedure by the British Mandate..
As a second footnote it is well worth to remember the article published by the Guardian “Is Iran losing the intelligence war? see here,  from where I quote :
…”An intelligence source suggested that Ardeshire Hassanpour, 44, a nuclear physicist, had been assassinated by Mossad, the Israeli security service….”..see here.
And finally, from the Guardian article …”

…”Since George Bush left office, many people have begun to dismiss the possibility of a US attack against Iran.

Judging by today’s event, the same can not be said about an intelligence war against Iran. Obama is no Bush, but he is no pacifist either. It is possible that he, alongside other allies, is going to rely more and more on intelligence as an alternative to military action. With domestic problems increasing at home, this will disappoint Ayatollah Khamenei, as such operations do not provide him with much needed excuses to try and rally the public around the flag.”…

So “Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew” is a more relevant than ever issue in Middle East affairs.

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korzac, I never realized that my Hebrew skills were so marketable…but I wont be working for Iranian intelligence anytime soon. Thanks for posting this fascinating story.


at 11:08 on December 25th, 2007

Ryan, it has already been said somewhere, that we are “אור לגויים” (A Ligth Unto the Nations)…
Thanks for the flag.


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Very interesting story, korzac. It had me wondering if there are any “stoppers” that Israelis use to detect foreigners — words that are difficult to pronounce even for fluent speakers. For example, soldiers in the Dominican Republic have asked people they suspect to be illegal Haitian immigrants to repeat the word “perejil” (parsley). It has a Spanish “r” sound different from the Creole equivalent, followed by the guttural “j” (like “ch” in “Bach”),which somewhat resembles the Creole “r”. And a Dutch friend of mine told me that resistance fighters in World War II demanded that suspected German spies say words with the Dutch “g” sound (as in “Van Gogh”).


at 00:05 on December 26th, 2007

denseatoms, about your Dutch friend, I can tell you that he is right. Because my first language is Flemish (the Belgian variant of Dutch) I know the difference in sound when a “g”  is pronounced by a Belgian  and he same “g” as pronounced by a non-Belgians.
As for Israel, the situation is more complicated, because most of us where ‘foreigners’ in the past, when emigrating to Israel  from many countries over the world, so when we speak today Hebrew there are always phonetic reminiscences of our first languages. Phonetic ‘stoppers’ wouldn’t help here…But I suppose there are o

The Blogger President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I was happy to find out that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Blogger just like me. Look at his blog:


Interested to know what are his views on Israel as a blogger, I wander around his blog , but to my regret I found nothing newer than his well known official statements. So  I wrote in the search box ‘Israel’ under ‘comments’ and get the following results:


A further step into his blog, takes me to the link of the Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei (see here). There, under the label Membership, I tried to sign up under ‘General members’, hoping to receive in my inbox the latest news provided with other useful information. But without success. I could not write my name in Arabic ( the only language) and under ‘Country’ Israel is omitted , look:

Missing Israel

If this is Israel’s fate then what about Palestine? Well she exist and is called ‘Palestine (Occupied)’, look:

Palestine (Occupied)

Now this seems to pose some problems. For example, a good koscher Israeli citizen, wanting to sign up for a newsletter, if he is not fluent in Arabic, needs the help of an Jewish Israeli knowing Arabic or an  Israeli Arab. Supposing he overcome the hindrance,  then he has to lie, and under ‘country’  write, for example, Belgium, a not very moral behavior when signing up to the newsletter of the Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei.

But what about an Israeli Arab who wants to sign up for the newsletter? If he signs up under country ‘Palestine (Occupied)’, he will not lie in the Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenein context, but his dilemma is: does he really wants to live in today’s Palestine ? If no, he to is lying to the Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei. Not very nice.

On the same Presidents Ahmidinejad blog there is a link to PRESSTV ( Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English) where I found the headline : ‘Syria: Israel behind Beirut bombing‘ (12 Dec 2007). Well my god, here Israel suddenly is a well know state coming back to life. Not a very coherent blog…

Finally I quote..”Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a former vice president who updates his own blog daily, is not impressed with Mr. Ahmadinejad’s blog, calling the president’s site’just a formality.’ “. see here…Life is really complicated.


Photo source for Hossein Derakhshan source see here.